Your Underwear Affects Your Health

When you get dressed in the morning, you might consider the weather, your post-work plans, and how you seriously need to do laundry ASAP. But you probably don’t think much about your health.

While proper hygiene and common sense can generally keep you safe, these hazards could be hiding in your closet.

Whether you stick to cotton briefs or you’re one of those brave souls who habitually rocks thongs, you should know that your underwear can seriously affect vaginal health and the overall comfort of your lady bits. Of course, we all have our own tried-and- true underwear preferences that work for us — and since no two vaginas are the same, it’s possible that although lace irritates the crap out of my downstairs, it may be perfectly OK for you to rock lace panties on the regular. Additionally, even the “right” underwear can cause some serious health problems if they’re too tight or too wet. That said, there are certain types of undies you should try to avoid as much as
possible, and there are some universal underwear rules that every woman should know about.

If you’re anything like me, then your underwear drawer probably contains a little bit of everything, and you probably also have days where you end up saying, “f*ck it” and opt to go commando. Whatever your underwear preferences are, though, it’s important to know the weird ways underwear can affect your health — because although vaginas are super strong, they’re also incredibly prone to irritation and infection.

Here are seven things to keep in mind about how your underwear choices can affect your vaginal health.

Experts say that flip-flops expose your feet to all the gross things: bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can trigger an infection if you have so much as a hangnail or a microscopic skin tear and a not-so-top-notch immune system. On top of that, your sorry excuse for sandals can cause heel pain, disfigure your toes, and affect your posture to trigger a host of other aches and pains. So save your flip-flops for the gym shower and pool deck, and rely on more supportive footwear to take you everywhere else.

0f course sweatbands sop up sweat, but they also collect bacteria that can stick around even after the fabric dries. If you’re predisposed to breakouts, a repeat wear can redistribute the bacteria and exacerbate acne. It might not lead to imminent death but can have a significant psychosocial impact that affects quality of life, messing with your self esteem and affecting your social life, just as much as life-threatening conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, Dr. Zeichner says.

Besides the obvious risk of falling victim to gravity (and making a fool of yourself), wearing high heels even a few times per week for a few years can lead to an ankle muscle imbalance that can set you up for injury, according to a recent study published in International Journal of Clinical Practice. Luckily, the researchers say that heel lifts (stand barefoot and come up onto your tippy toes) and heel drops (stand on the edge of a stair and slowly lower your heel over the edge) can help if flats aren’t an option.

Fabric dye can irritate the delicate skin around your vagina — especially if you already have sensitive skin or you’re prone to recurringvaginal infections, says Dr. Montgomery. While brand new, colored underwear made of a synthetic material is likely to be the worst offender, white cotton is always your best bet, he adds.

A warm, moist bikini bottom makes a lovely home for yeast and bacteria to flourish. Synthetic fabrics can keep that moisture in place, explains Owen Montgomery, M.D., chairman of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you’re prone to infections (you’ll know because you’ll get them all the time), a bathing suit that’s wet can really increase your risk. But you don’t have to skip the swim. Instead, change into dry bottoms as soon as you step out of the pool. And because ill-fitting bikini bottoms can reduce air circulation in the crotch area, which can also setyou up for infection, make sure your
bathing suits fit properly — the edges shouldn’t leave indentations on your skin. A little give can also prevent sweat gland blockage and the itchy red bumps that result from it, Dr. Zeichner says.

As I’m sure you know, the skin around your vaginal area is thinner (and thus more sensitive) than the rest of your skin. Because of this, it’s very important to wear underwear that fits you right. Super-tight underwear causes an uncomfortable amount of friction that will lead to mild irritation at best and ingrown hairs at worst.

On top of that, tight underwear can contribute to the development of yeast infections because it allows for heat and moisture to build up in your vaginal area — and heat and moisture create the ideal setting for bacteria to grow down there, as we’ll see throughout this article.


A meat bouquet, underwear to share

While we don’t often deal in absolutes, there are some things we are 100% certain about. The cover of a 1920s trade catalog with the title “This is Underwear Time” — complete with the illustration of a a man getting dressed while his dog looks on — is one of those times where we can unequivocally proclaim to have found a truly (possibly unintentionally) brilliant piece of marketing.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know, nothing says I love you quite like a bouquet of … meat. C’mon, it’s perfect for your meat-heart. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Here are this year’s top 10 off-the-wall wonders filled with inside jokes and just enough innuendo to make this Valentine’s totally unforgettable.

The further into my 20s I get, the less I care whether I’m perfectly waxed and lingerie-d down there, and the more I just really want to avoid discomforts like yeast infections—which may get more frequent with time—pain during sex, and ingrown hairs. From what I’ve heard from my close friends during happy hour, this is a common sentiment, as is the general decision to prioritize health over certain aesthetic efforts. (Some days, I’d rather make my workout a little longer at the expense of a perfect blow-out in the morning—y’know?)I’m not saying I’m against grooming or cute underwear, just that I’d rather make choices that also keep my body healthy, when possible. Luckily, there are plenty of easy, painless things you can do to keep things comfortable down there. Below, find seven tips from experts that will keep your lady parts—and you—healthy and happy.

I love flowers just as much as the next girl, but good luck handing a dozen roses to the man in your life and getting anything but a blank stare in return. Want to give him a bouquet he’ll really remember? Mancrate’s Salami Bouquet is packed with five 8-ounce links of tasty meat in a variety of flavors. It’ll win you way more points with your man than anything at the flower shop, and he’ll be too busy chowing down to realize he just got a bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

I’ll admit I’m prone to yeast infections (they’re the actual worst) and that sleeping commando, on the recommendation of my gynecologist aunt, has kind of changed my life. “ Wearing no underwear at night and cotton loose ones during the day can prevent yeast from growing,” says Talebian. “Also, be sure to quickly change after exercise and swimming, so you’re not lingering in those damp underwear or bathing suit, allowing fungus or bad bacteria to multiply.”

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It’s expensive, and no, it’s not fun, but waxing is a lot better for the skin around your vagina than shaving. “Even though shaving can be seen as the fastest and most convenient method of hair removal, it only removes hair at surface level, meaning the hair will reappear in one to four days,” says waxing expert Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers in New York City. “By continually cutting the hair, you stimulate its growth, which may also lead to irritation for those with sensitive skin. By waxing, you’ll immediately begin to weaken the hair follicle, resulting in slower, lighter, thinner and sparser regrowth. Waxing is also safer because it will help you avoid daily risks of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and the burn associated with using a razor.” Kinda worth it at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up date night, this Love is Art Intimate Painting Kit from the Grommet puts a sexy spin on couples’ art. The way it works is, you basically slather each other in paint and do your thing. The result? Well, let’s just say a whole lotta people call it art.


How Do You Balance Formal Wear With Underwear?

Let’s set the scene. It’s event season. You’ve got a handful of weddings this spring, or after parties, or black tie ceremonies. Whatever the case may be — chances are, you ’re going to have to wear a suit. And we over at The Underwear Expert want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered while dressed to the nines, which means starting with your underwear.

If teen magazines are to be believed, period accidents can happen to anyone, at any time, to extreme effect. While many of the stories of errant tampons or leaky pads printed in those magazines are likely embellished, any person who’s had a period knows that even thorough preparation doesn’t guarantee a life without leaks or stains or slips. Many people even have “period underwear” — a generallyratty pair of panties you don’t mind getting ruined. But in the last few years several new companies have cropped up, offering underwear to help hold pads, wick moisture, and even replace tampons. Here ’s how they work.

There are two types of period underwear out there right now. One type is more of a physical aid: panties that help hold pads in place. The other relies on special materials to help absorb and wick away leakage, or even replace tampons or pads for your lighter days.

Along with her terrific music and electric performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017, Katy Perry showed off a bit more that what we expected.

The ?Roar? hit-maker, who wore a sparkling silver mini dress with a matching blazer, flashed her white underwear onstage while squatting during her performance, reports E! Online.

She teamed her metallic look with white sneakers and dangling earrings.

The ?Bon App?tit? singer also dedicated an acoustic version of her song ?Part of Me? to the victims of last week’s Manchester attack, after an Ariana Grande concert.

“I think that you guys are extremely beautiful and I think that we’re all extremely brave and we’re all in this together, aren’t we?” Perry said. “And you know what? We will still dance, we will still sing, we will still make music. This next one goes out to Manchester and to all the people that know what it means to love music and be a community because of it.”

“If you haven’t kindly touched the person to our right or left just do that. Just a little connection,” the 32-year-old singer added. “Social media can’t do that, can it? This is a part of us that they’ll never take away from us. Rest in peace, Manchester.”
We love this white undershirt by Equmen, which is composed from a blend of 73% polyester cationi, 13% nylon, and 14% spandex for premium comfort and flexibility. This v-neck also helps build your posture and reduce back pain by pulling your shoulders back.

For even more under formalwear picks, make your way over to The Underwear Expert.


How has underwear shaped women’s lives?

Women’s underwear has always been a source of fascination, contention and debate. In the Victorian era, dress reformers declared that restrictive garments prevented women living healthy lives, and dared to argue that underwear should not ‘exceed seven pounds in weight.’ In recent decades, its been hailed as a source of female sexual empowerment and scorned as a symbol of patriarchal oppression.

Underwear gives us a glimpse into a larger story: the expectations, limitations and status afforded to women throughout history.

For hundreds of years, they were an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe and daily life. From childhood, women wore corsets as a kind of second skeleton: to support their bodies and create a gendered silhouette. In the late Georgian period a long silhouette was favoured, whereas in the Edwardian era, corsets which bent the body into an ‘S’ shaped called a ‘Grecian curve’ were most desirable. They also provided a framework for other undergarments, such as petticoats and crinolines.

on Sunday night, Ruby Rose showed off her underwear as she attended the Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar viewing party.
The 30-year-old cut a very slender figure in a completely see-through white and silver gown with built-in undergarments.

The barely there frock also revealed Ruby’s extensive array of tattoos on her arms, back and chest.

The brunette beauty boosted her height with a pair of silver stilettos and let her dress do the talking by wearing some simple silver jewels.

Like many other celebrities on the night, Ruby rocked the smokey eye and nude lips combination and had her short crop of locks slicked back.

Noticeably missing from the event was her Ruby’s girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, who had attended a pre-Oscar event with The Orange Is The New Black star last week. The loved-up pair were hand in hand posing for the cameras at Kari Feinstein’s Pre-Oscar Style Lounge at the Andaz Hotel on Friday.

Ruby has been busy in Atlanta filming the third installment of musical comedy Pitch Perfect.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight the actress opened about her relationship to the singer calling her ‘the most amazing person’ and her ‘moral compass’.

In fact, the work of Dr Gustav Jaegar, a German naturalist who endorsed underwear made from animal fibres, had a bigger impact on the design of underwear. He recommended combination garments made from wool to help regulate body temperature and promote sweating. These garments were less structured, paving the way for the rise of the liberty bodice at the turn of the century – a sleeveless vest made from fleece which kept the body warm without compressing it.

But it would take the seismic cultural upheavals of the 20th Century for women to shed the many layers of undergarments acquired over centuries of fashion history.


‘Smart’ Underwear May Help Prevent Back Pain

Engineers in the US have designed a smart, mechanised undergarment that may help prevent lower back pain by reducing muscle fatigue.

While solutions for back pain are aplenty, most of them have at least one of three problems — they are unproven, unworkable or just plain unattractive.

“People are often trying to capitalise on a huge societal problem with devices that are unproven or unviable,” said co-investigator Aaron Yang from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, US.

“This smart clothing concept is different. I see a lot of health care workers or other professionals with jobs that require standing or leaning for long periods. Smart clothing may help offload some of those forces and reduce muscle fatigue,” Yang said.

The device, unveiled at the Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in Brisbane, Australia, consists of two fabric sections, made of nylon canvas, Lycra, polyester and other materials, for the chest and legs.

The sections are connected by sturdy straps across the middle back, with natural rubber pieces at the lower back and glutes.

The device is designed so that users engage it only when they need it. A simple double tap to the shirt engages the straps.

The Vanderbilt University engineers have created an undergarment that eases stress on the low back and activates only when a wearer needs it.

“I’m sick of Tony Stark [the fictional Iron Man] and Bruce Wayne [Batman’s alter ego] being the only ones with performance-boosting supersuits. We, the masses, want our own,” Karl Zelik, principal investigator on the project, quipped in a university news release. “The difference is that I’m not fighting crime. I’m fighting the odds that I’ll strain my back this week trying to lift my 2-year-old.”

That same kind of back strain got the assistant professor of mechanical engineering thinking about wearable tech solutions.

Made of nylon canvas, Lycra, polyester and other materials, the “smart” underwear feels and behaves like regular clothes, according to researchers.

It has one section for the chest and another for the legs. The sections are connected by straps across the middle back, with natural rubber pieces at the lower back and glutes.

When the task is done, another double tap releases the straps so the user can sit down, and the device feels and behaves like normal clothes.

The device also can be controlled by an app that the team created – users tap their phones to engage the smart clothing wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In experiments, the participants tested the device leaning forward and lifting 11-kg and 25-kg weights while holding their position at 30, 60 and 90 degrees.

Using motion capture, force plates and electromyography, the team demonstrated that the device reduced activity in the lower back extensor muscles by an average of 15 to 45 per cent for each task.

The focus of this new technology is not for treating those with existing back pain but focuses on prevention by reducing stress and fatigue on the low back muscles, Yang said.


What Kind of Underwear Should Men Wear When Trying To Conceive? Science Explains

What have your undies done for you today? They may blanket your behind, pad your periods, or even filter your flatulence. But if Karl Zelik has anything to do with it, underwear of the future may also help prevent back pain.

Zelik is a biomedical engineer at Vanderbilt University who researches lower limb biomechanics and prosthetics. Before his current research, he says, “I’ve never really thought about spine biomechanics or lower back pain in any depth.”

But two years ago, his life changed; He became a father.

Since that eventful day, his son has grown increasingly heavy, and lifting him has taken a toll on Zelik’s back. So he turned this pain into productivity, and began investigating pain prevention using a concealable wearable gadget. Now after several years of research and hundreds of iterations, his so-called “smart underwear”—which he and the team have filed to patent—is making its U.S. debut this week at the American Society of Biomechanics conference in Boulder, Colorado.

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs? Commando? Men’s underwear is not something I give much thought to unless I’m stealing my husband’s to sleep in. But for couples who want to have a child, it can become a topic of discussion. Is your man’s choice of underwear important when it comes to sperm quality? What kind of underwear should men wear when trying to conceive?

Semen is a funny thing. According to The Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, spermatogenesis, or the generation of sperm inside the testes, is a fickle process heavily influenced by external factors. Things like weight, diet, alcohol and drug use, sleep, occupation, and yes, clothing, all help determine the strength and the motion of the sperm.

Concerning spermatogenesis and clothing, there is a problem called testicular heat stress that can adversely affect the motility, count, and shape of sperm in the semen, according to the Journal of Fertility and Sterility. Normally, a man’s bits are pretty good at self-regulating their heat, according to The Journal of Male Infertility, but just a little external pressure is needed to throw them all out of sorts, heat wise. (This must be why my husband whines so much when I set the thermostat up a few degrees when he’s looking the other way.) If their stones are so sensitive, what kind of underwear should men wear when trying to conceive?

Neck and back pain have become the “leading global cause of disability” in most countries. Up to 80 percent of people experience back pain at some point during their lifetime. And as injury rates soar, so has the use of back belts, but there is insufficient evidence these actually help prevent back injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control website.

Enter Zelik. He hopes to tackle the problem of back pain with a wearable, assistive device that can help with lifting, but doesn’t require a bulky Ironman-like exoskeleton. In brief, the smart underwear consists of a vest and a pair of bike-short-like bottoms, connected by a set of straps that criss-cross from shoulder to shorts along the back. Each of these straps has two sections: a stretchy upper elastic and a lower firm, rubber-like material.

The device contains a tiny motor, smaller than a tube of lip balm, housed in the front pocket of the vest. If you bend over while the device is in the “off” position, the stretchy elastic moves with your body. “It would just feel like normal clothing,” says Zelik. When it’s switched on, however, a pair of “clutches” prevents the elastic from stretching. When you bend over, the tough, rubber-like material attached to the thighs becomes taut, taking off some of the pressure that would otherwise be placed on your muscles.


Should You Wear Underwear When Trying On Swimsuits Or Will It Affect The Fit Too Much?

Should you wear underwear when trying on swimsuits? Even though it might seem counterintuitive, the answer is a hands-down, resounding yes. Please. Do not drop your panties.

The purpose of trying on clothing in the first place is to make sure the size is right before you buy it, and that means you want to try it on with the most accurate fit possible, so you might be inclined to take off your undies because it’s not like you’re going to wear the suit with anything under it — but don’t. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Leave your underwear on. They might feel a little bunched, but your underwear isn’t going to alter the fit that much, and it’s far more sanitary to leave them on. Being hygienic is worth having to endure the diaper feeling during your try-on sesh. Trust.

Until now that is. With an entire day dedicated to readdressing your smalls, it’s time to consider whether your bras are giving you double boob, your pants are too tight and if your whites aren’t quite as dazzling as they used to be.

You see, the key to looking and feeling great in your clothes is really to strip back and concentrate on the basics. Get your underwear right, and you can enhance, flatter and feel instantly more confident.

That being said, with such a minefield of styles on offer, knowing what bra or bottoms will best suit your body shape can be confusing but, that’s where we come in.

Here, we take a look at the best lingerie styles to help instantly upgrade your knicker drawer.

For ladies with the coveted hourglass silhouette, apple shapes and those with bigger busts, there are luckily a whole host of brands specialising in lingerie to help make the most of you assets.

The key is to remember that while you’ve been blessed with bigger breasts, they’re not all the same shape so after figuring out your size, think about the style that will best support and flatter your chest.

If you have a very full breast, opt for a full cup while those who carry more underneath or to the side should consider a plunge bra to help create a natural-looking cleavage. Either way, the right support is an absolute must.

For bottoms, if you’re tummy conscious opt for a figure-flattering high waist to nip you in at your smallest part or a pair of lacy briefs.

Women who carry more weight on their bottom half get the added benefit of being able to mix and match their sets – think colour blocking, prints and bra’s that scream “look at me”.

In addition, opting for a push-up will help to even out your figure, while delicate triangle bras offer comfort as well as being oh-so pretty.

If you have wider hips, brief style underwear will flatter and a thong made from soft, feminine fabric will draw attention to your derriere in the best way possible.

You know that plastic liner inside the bottom for sanitary reasons? Yeah, it might protect the future owner once they remove it, but if everyone else is trying it on with the liner without undies, you’re still going to pass on the same bacteria.

Bacteria and crabs aside, you could get the swimsuit bottoms dirty (no need to go into
how…), so just leave your underwear on to make sure everything is clean in case you
don’t buy it.

If someone was infected with crabs and tried on a swimsuit, the next person to try it on sans-undies could fall victim to them. You have been warned.

If you’re trying it on without underwear, odds are someone before you did, and you can pass on and collect bacteria. Don’t believe me? Dr. Philip Tierno from New York University did a study that collected clothing from retail stores, and underwear and swimwear contained the highest amount of bacteria. Gross.

Just to reinforce the point, here are a few reasons you absolutely need to wear underwear when trying on swimwear. The person trying it on after will totally thank you for it.


How Underwear Can Help Promote A Positive Body Image As We Age

Negative body image is something we read about regularly; catwalk models being too thin, airbrushed magazine photos presenting an unreal version of reality and the effects on girls and young women. But actually it can create a negative effect for anyone.

I know that it can also be a serious issue for men too – but I want to focus on women for this piece – particularly, mothers and older women because we are also not immune.

In fact, by the time we have become mothers, and got to our forties and beyond, the world at large thinks we should have our shit together, but body images issues can lie latent in our psyche for years, ready to cut us down at any time.

My post pregnancy stretch marks and loose skin are sometimes all I see. It’s not as debilitating as it is for others, but certainly enough to effect my self esteem and dent my self-confidence.

My rational brain knows not pay any notice to external influences, but as I age, I do have moments, days or weeks when my emotional brain takes over. And the knock on effect can last a while.

There’s something about the feel of lovely lingerie that seems to trigger a pathway right into my brain.

Though, of course plastic surgery is matter of choice, I am not a fan. I believe surgery should be reserved for necessary cases only and I know that there is a place for plastic surgery in this way.

And to be honest – I’m scared of having plastic surgery. There is always a risk associated with a general anaesthetic – and my father was hospitalised due to a negligent operation so, a tummy tuck is out of the question for me.

So I need other solutions. A way to create a positive feeling for me without taking drastic action.

Wearing lovely underwear is about making you feel good about yourself. Not hiding away or beating yourself up about what you perceive to be your negatives but accentuating your positives – and we all have positive parts of our bodies.

I love the fact that as we age we do gain confidence in many ways in general, but as I said at the beginning we are not immune to those moments of doubting how we look and that affecting how we feel.

As we know in so many areas of life – mind-set is everything. So if we enjoy the way we look in a lovely set of lingerie and it helps our self-esteem, then it feels like a good thing to take note of.

Whether it’s the softness of lace, the sensuality of silk or even just the floral aroma of the gentle soap flakes I use to wash them, when I pick out the underwear I’m going to wear each morning, I instantly forget my age and remember only that I am a woman.

At this time of year, exquisite lace or delicate embroidery lifts the spirits, when it’s dreary outside and you feel swamped and frumpy beneath your winter clothes.

We all know that wearing the same pair of pants two days in a row is a big no-no however, it seems that there are plenty of other mistakes you can make when it comes to knickers. Experts have revealed the major underwear faux pas that we are all occasionally guilty of committing.

Speaking to Seventeen Octavia Cannon, DO, a board-certified OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynecology), says that there are six major mistakes women make when it comes to their knicker drawer.


Common Underwear Problems—Solved!

We asked lingerie experts to weigh in on common undie issues and how to fix them. Now you can say goodbye to your panty problems for good!

You think you’re looking smoking in that body-con dress, clingy skirts, or fitted pair of pants, then you catch a glimpse at your tush as you walk out the door. Oh, the dreaded VPL! The solution is a seamless thong that’s undetectable no matter what you wear over
it, says Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle. She recommends the company’s Estelle Thong. “It has a scalloped-edged back and thin microfiber front, so it lays flat against the body,” says Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle. If thongs aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s still a solution for you. “Sometimes, bigger is better,” says Larissa King, Senior Designer at Hanky Panky. “Full-cut briefs with low leg openings are practically invisible under clothes,” says Larissa King, senior designer at Hanky Panky. Look for a pair in which the front leg opening sits in the natural crease, between your hip and leg, and the back leg sits fully under your bum. Try: Chantelle Soft Stretch Seamless Full Brief or Hanky Panky Signature Lace Betty Brief. Once you get your undies under control, you’ll want to avoid these common bra mistakes, too.

Like everything else that was cool in the ‘90s, bodysuits are in the middle of a huge resurgence. ASOS sells them by the two-pack for around 30 bucks, while most luxury shops stock at least a few basic styles by brands like Wolford, Protagonist, or Khaite for upwards of $250.

At Racked, most of us can agree on the function of a bodysuit — they’re the easiest way to create a smooth, unfussy, tucked-in silhouette. But we’re 50/50 split on the garment ’s bottom half. To be specific: Should it be a thong, or should it absolutely not be a thong? Can a bodysuit serve the same smoothing purpose with full-coverage bottoms? And are thongs made even more uncomfortable by having a shirt attached?

Waistband cuts into your mid sectionThe best way to avoid having elastic cut into your hips is to avoid panties with heavy elastic trims. Opt for styles with wider waist bands or those that sit higher on the waist, which will help contain more of the midsection instead of cutting into it. Try: Warner’s No Pinching. No Problems Seamless Hi-Cut. “Also, undies trimmed with soft, stretchy spandex lace have enough give and hold to keep your panties in place, but are soft enough to keep from leaving harsh indentations in your skin,” explains King. Try: Hanky Panky Signature Lace V-Front Short.
Arthur Kneibler, executive and designer at Coopers, Inc., a Wisconsin hosiery company, gained inspiration from a postcard to create a new, and more comfortable, men’s fashion underwear design. After seeing the man pictured in a leg-bearing bathing suit, Kneibler envisioned a new legless underwear design. Created to be supportive and fitting, like a jockstrap, the undergarment by Coopers was named Jockey shorts and were sold in 1935, by Marshall Field’s, in Chicago.

Unlike the slow-moving boxer shorts, sales for the Jockey shorts took off, and 600 pairs were sold on the first day. Within three months, Coopers had sold 30,000 pairs. After years of success, gaining even more appeal for the modern briefs, in 1971, the company changed its name to Jockey. Men were not only discovering the groove of outer fashion in the 1970s, but also the allure of the fashion-forward undergarment.

Calvin Klein took notice introducing designer underwear that would certainly catch the attention of men’s fashion aficionados. In 1982, the designer took the white brief from behind the clothes to show it as a true men’s fashion statement. The photo of a model wearing the skimpy white underwear on a huge billboard stopped traffic in the center of New York City, in Times Square.

The controversial sexual photo was a hit, making underwear a must-want designer quality men’s fashion that would continue to grow with new designs. Fast forward to the 21st century, and it is fashionable among the younger crowd to showcase designer underwear
waste bands above their pants, with t-shirts tucked in.

Bumps and bulges,If your panty is creating problems (aka bumps and bulges), it’s time to toss ’em in lieu of a smoothing silhouette. Alicia Miller, fit expert at Chantelle, suggests a pair with a control panel at the front for some extra shaping to the lower abdomen. Try: Chantelle Hedona Smoothing Full Brief or Yummie By Heather Thomson Jasmina Shaping Thong. For more smoothing solutions, check out the best shapewear for every type of dress.

Undies falling downLike pretty much anything, if your panties are falling down, it probably means they’re too big—or they’ve stretched due to wear and improper care (more on that later). Try a size down and see if it solves the problem. (Hey, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most overlooked.) Wondering what undie style is going to suit you best? Find out the the best underwear for your butt shape.

Sweating down thereThis isn’t a glamorous topic, but hey it happens—particularly if you work out. If your panties offer no breathability and you feel like you’re sweating in your neither regions, Miller recommends switching to a cotton bottom or one with a cotton gusset and a moisture wicking fabric. Try: Eberjey Pima Goddess Low Rider Bikini. (Here are 13 things your vagina secretly wants you to know.)


Smart underwear coming to the rescue

TV infomercials offer a world of potential solutions for back pain, but most of them have at least one of three problems — they’re unproven, unworkable or just plain unattractive. A team of Vanderbilt University engineers is changing that with a design that combines the science of biomechanics and advances in wearable tech to create a smart, mechanized undergarment.
A performance-boosting super-suit is low-profile enough to fit underneath clothing (Joe Howell / Vanderbilt)Their device gets its U.S. debut Aug. 8-11 at an American Society of Biomechanics conference in Boulder, Colorado. The team unveiled itlast week at the Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in Brisbane, Australia, garnering a Young Investigator Award for mechanical engineering Ph.D. student Erik Lamers (left), who helped develop the design.

Well over half of all adults will experience low back pain in their lifetimes, and the condition is estimated to cost $30 billion in medical expenses and more than $100 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. annually. Karl Zelik, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and the principal investigator on the project, experienced back pain himself repeatedly lifting his toddler son, which he said got him thinking about wearable tech solutions.

“I’m sick of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne being the only ones with performance-boosting supersuits. We, the masses, want our own,” Zelik said. “The difference is that I’m not fighting crime. I’m fighting the odds that I’ll strain my back this week trying to lift my 2-year-old.”

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The device is designed so that users engage it only when they need it. A simple double tap to the shirt engages the straps. When the task is done, another double tap releases the straps so the user can sit down, and the device feels and behaves like normal clothes. The device also can be controlled by an app that the team created—users tap their phones to engage the smart clothing wirelessly via Bluetooth.

back of suit showing supportsThe back of Karl Zelik and Erik Lamers’ performance-boosting super-suit (Joe Howell / Vanderbilt)
Eight subjects tested the device leaning forward and lifting 25-pound and 55-pound weights while holding their position at 30, 60 and 90 degrees. Using motion capture, force plates and electromyography, Zelik’s team demonstrated that the device reduced
activity in the lower back extensor muscles by an average of 15 to 45 percent for each

“The next idea is: Can we use sensors embedded in the clothing to monitor stress on the low back, and if it gets too high, can we automatically engage this smart clothing?” Zelik said.

People are often trying to capitalize on a huge societal problem with devices that are unproven or of health care workers or other professionals with jobs that require standing or leaning for long periods. Smart clothing may help offload some of those forces and reduce muscle fatigue.”

The project is funded by a Vanderbilt University Discovery Grant, a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and a National Institutes of Health Career Development Award K12HD073945. A patent has been filed.