What Comfortable Undergarments Can Do For Men

What Comfortable Undergarments Can Do For Men

The age old discussion is always the same: Which is more comfortable, briefs or boxers? Experts have pointed out that briefs are a tried and true article of clothing that offers maximum comfort not to mention full support for a man’s genitals. Unlike roomy boxers, briefs can hold up the genital area the way a bra does for a woman’s mammary glands.

Briefs are also preferred by sportsmen as this type of undergarment keeps their nether regions in place during rigorous activities. However, the sole complain about briefs is due to the fact that most men dislike the thickness of the elastic band leaving a mark on their skin, causing hurt and discomfort in the long run. This can also cause rashes if the condition is prolonged.

On the other hand, men who favor boxers swear by the numerous benefits reaped from wearing this loose fitting most comfortable underwear In terms of air circulation, cotton boxers allow air to flow in and out easily thereby lowering the temperature especially around the bottom half of a man’s nether regions. Cotton boxers are also very pleasurable to wear due to its soft material. There are also rumors whispered amongst men saying that wearing roomy undergarments like cotton boxers can improve a man’s fertility system.

There is a good reason why Mother Nature put men’s reproductive organs outside his body, and that is to keep the temperature optimal for breeding purposes. Although this myth hasn’t been refuted nor confirmed, it won’t be bad at all if a man wore loose fitting undergarments that are both comfortable and allows for easy movement.


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