This kind of underwear can save your "love muscles".

This kind of underwear can save your “love muscles”.

If your underwear not only covers your masculinity, it actually helps to strengthen it? This is behind the idea of fostering new suit underwear  from VylyV.

Promoting the company’s new vylyv Swift underwear urges men to take care of their “most precious gift – Love video,” also known as the pelvic floor.

suit underwear

This part of the body affects the health of the prostate and the control of the erection, but the company warns that most of us can’t do it in our daily life.

VylyV’s underwear is expected to be preserved by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and core to raise the peak of male health and sexual behavior for a day.

The underwear has a sensor system that can monitor even the slightest muscle contraction. It will synchronize to an application, which, of course, provides you with a custom training program to motivate users to do routine pelvic floor exercises.

Within a month, the product claims to increase the angle and erection hardness. “Six months later, it will improve your prostate health and” unlock the secret multiple orgasm “.

The company wants to start a Kickstarter campaign to bring a life of suit underwear , and you can visit their website or check more information on the video below.

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