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The Village Idiot: It was just old before it was ‘classic’

Why is a 20-year-old car a beater and a 40-year-old car classic? This is the same car. The car has not changed at all – the only change is its age.

When I was in high school, I drove an embarrassing old car. Except for those friends who don’t have a car at all, I think it’s great, I feel embarrassed. Today, it will win the blue ribbon of any classic auto show.

New cars used to look very different every year. You can see the difference between the ’64 Chevrolet and the ’65 Chevrolet from the block. Today, it’s hard to find my SUV in the mall parking lot, because all SUVs look similar. Until I wondered why my keychain didn’t open, I saw the trunk of the window and realized that all the garbage in the passenger’s seat was not my garbage, but the garbage of others. Nothing can be more than you realize that you have been trying to break into a stranger’s car.

It is also happening constantly; it is only a matter of time before someone calls the police, and I paused in front of the good city. When I heard one of my neighbors said: “He is a loner and he keeps himself, but we don’t know that he is a car thief, I am afraid to see my own mobile video in the evening news. “But thinking about this, he always yells at my child. “Yes, I yell at her children – but only when they steal Amazon packages from my porch.

From brokers to classics are not just cars, but almost everything: houses, restaurants, music, clothes, politics, and even some religious services. A lot of things go from hot fashion to old-fashioned overnight. There was a time when people wanted to use Formica counters in their kitchens. Now everyone wants to spend what they want in a year or two? Terracotta warriors? Butcher block? It may be Formica again.

We all think fashion is very fashionable; we expect the duds to look different next year. However, there will also be trends in restaurants. Remember the fern bar there? Now it is a ramen shop. Next year it could be a gluten-free pancake house and brew bar. After a few years, it may become a fern again.

The shopping mall that was packaged 20 years ago is now a ghost town. Soon, it will become a medical center filled with various experts and clinics. Once it is turned on, you will find it as if you have a Montgomery ward at one end and a Brentano disease at the other end that is difficult to find a parking space.

Looking through the old version of “Life” magazine or “Saturday Evening”, it’s easy to tell the year of its release – from advertising, not story. The new car at the time looked old now, and the “doctor recommended” cigarette advertisement was ridiculous (unless the people you know died of them), and the underwear and deodorant ads cleverly avoided actually mentioning the products they sold. When Victoria really had a secret, it was back. no longer. Today’s underwear ads are called pornography. The underwear did not change much, it just came out of the drawer.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

This robotic underwear wants to help with pain, pain and bad posture

Seismic, a new clothing company, unveiled its first line of so-called “powered clothing” designed to help the wearer’s muscles and joints discomfort. It was the first product launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt, and later this year it was lingerie.

“Our first product is to integrate what we call smart wearable power and focus on the core,” CEO Rich Mahoney said in an interview with TechCrunch. “It works together to help the hips and waist to support movement and posture. There are many people who can use it, but what we really care about is demand.”

Seismic was originally developed by SRI International, a research and development non-profit organization known for its close relationship with Mahoney’s DARPA. Participating in the DARPA’S Warrior Network Program, Mahoney is committed to preventing and reducing musculoskeletal injuries in combatants. These efforts are focused on wearable robots such as electric muscles.

Seismic’s clothing consists of three layers. The first is the base layer of visible clothing that looks like clothes. The second is the strength layer, which has a robot on the outer leg that rides to the hips and includes the lower back. These robots aim to replicate the functions of muscles, tendons and ligaments by assisting the movement by contracting and relaxing like normal muscles.

The third layer is the so-called smart layer of the new company, an Internet of Things device that is used as an external device on the lower back. While most garments do not require external equipment, this garment will provide data on movement and posture.

“Creating influential robotics is my passion,” Mahoney said in a news statement. “The motivation to start Seismic is when I realize a very simple truth: no one wears a robot, everyone wears clothes.”

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

The 6 most comfortable online lingerie brands we’ve tried – from $10 to $26 in premium styles


For such a small piece of fabric, underwear can be very complicated. Depending on the clothes you wear on it, it can roll and pile up, or it feels more and more strict all day. After washing, it may wrinkle, shrink or stretch.

Because no one likes to think about their underwear, because they exercise, drive, walk or do anything else in their daily lives, they must find high quality, comfortable underwear. When you buy a wardrobe, it’s easy to make it a top priority, but we find that you should actually do the opposite thing – if you use a very comfortable underwear to build the foundation, you are fit and support you, you? ? It’s great to be able to put on anything.

We personally tried all of the following brands and proved their comfort. Our favorites range from affordable $10 to $12 to prices up to $30 (but fully worth investing). Regardless of your budget and style, you can find an online brand that will prompt you to throw away the current lingerie collection.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Male DNA found on 3 pairs of girls’ underwear

According to court documents, laboratory tests have detected male DNA on three pairs of stained and soiled underwear belonging to a 7-year-old girl who the authorities said was sold by a relative.

James Stewart, 37, is facing charges including trafficking in human beings, promoting prostitution, child abuse and criminal contact with minors. Stewart’s wife, Terry Sanchez, was accused of child abuse.

In a motion submitted last week, Assistant Attorney General Brittany Duchasés asked the judge to allow a DNA sample to be retrieved from Stewart, which can be compared to the profile on the girl’s clothes.

Duchaussee wrote that the agent executed a search warrant on May in a storage unit that Stewart stopped paying. The agent left three bags of “child-sized underwear” on the floor, one of which had a small mermaid pattern.

The garments were sent to the state public safety forensic laboratory, and later reported that male DNA was found in all three pairs, but no semen was detected.

According to the motion, DNA is “not enough for traditional DNA testing” and in order to move forward, the state must provide a known standard.

The motion cites part of an interview with agents in May, in which Stewart said he will provide DNA samples.

“If they want to take any DNA, that’s fine. I agree,” Stewart said according to the motion. “Take my fr’DNA, I promise you that mys will not be compared (cursing). I have no crimes.”

Stewart’s lawyer Stephanie Gurley did not respond to requests for comment on Tuesday.

Authorities say Stewart is selling the child in exchange for “weeds, pipes and other things.”

The AG office began an investigation in April after a school nurse reported that she believed the girl had signs of trafficking and sexual assault.

In a safe house interview in April, the girl said that Stewart improperly touched other adults.

A school employee said that the girl came to the school’s dirty urination in November. When she helped the girl to put on clean clothes, she noticed blood on the crotch of the underwear. An Albuquerque police officer threw the underwear into the school’s trash can and said it was not used as evidence.

Other school staff described the hickies on the child’s neck and chest.

The prosecutor said that Stewart and Sanchez had a relationship with Cornelius Galloway, who was accused of federal transactions, and the child used to live with him for a few days. They said she would go home because of the swollen genitals.

In a statement on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Attorney General stated that the office “committed to using all available resources to seek justice in this and all cases involving sexual abuse of children.”

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Underwear company Hanes launches FuturMaster demand planning software to drive global supply chains

long sleeve tops womens

Hans Brands, a global apparel company that manufactures and markets a number of leading lingerie and sportswear brands including Wonderbra, DKNY, Playtex and Champion, is deploying standardized IT systems to help forecast supply and demand in more than 25 countries.

company background

The company has 68,000 employees, unlike many competitors in the apparel industry, as it manages and owns its supply chain rather than outsourcing to subcontractors. Unlike most apparel companies, Hanes Brands has most of its manufacturing facilities worldwide, producing about 70% of its apparel. After the acquisition of the 650 million Euro DBA apparel business, it expanded its global business through a series of acquisitions – in particular Hanes Europe in 2014; then Hanes Australasia, which acquired the Pacific brand in 2016 – it now has several major manufacturing and distribution Websites are distributed throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Hanes sells products through tens of thousands of retailers in more than 40 countries and has nearly 1,000 retail stores worldwide. However, traditionally US-led companies find themselves having to manage disparate systems and processes in different markets around the world. For example, the United States produces and sells about 2 billion garments a year, primarily through well-known retail channels such as Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart. In Europe, there are 49 countries with complex customs arrangements and more than 100 languages ​​to deal with; not to mention multiple channels, such as mass market retailers, the Internet, wholesale, hard discounts and more than 80 agents in various countries.


Hanes has a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s underwear, casual wear and sportswear – including T-shirts, bras, socks and socks in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.

“Every country in Europe has different settings, and multiple products are much more complicated to handle,” says Christophe Pecriaux, forecasting manager for Western Europe at Hanes Intimates.

There are about 200 million units sold in Europe, and there are more than 20,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) in France alone, with about a third of every six months. Regional differences abound. For example, French customers are mainly mass market participants with high promotions, while sales in Spain and the UK are mainly through retailers. From one country to another, local consumer trends may also vary widely, with color expectations varying.

Hanes has many world-class lingerie brands worldwide, including DIM, an international brand of women’s underwear and socks, and French men’s underwear; Playtex, the number one body bra brand in the US; and Lovable, the leading retailer of Italian women’s underwear.

The ability to analyze millions of production, distribution, sales and inventory data points in real time is a dedicated team of approximately twenty analysts ensuring that the right style, color and size of clothing is placed on the store shelves at the right time. Consumer

According to Hanes Brands, 27% of women have 6 to 8 bras and 49% of women buy 2 to 3 new bras a year. Compared to women’s bikini briefs or thongs, full-cut briefs are more popular with women, and men are twice as likely to buy boxer shorts as men. Young women are more likely to match bras and underpants than older women. When buying bras, 47% of women millennials (18-34 years old) often buy the appropriate bras and panties, and 73% of women over 55 do not buy matching bras.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Please don’t tell me that the G string is coming back.

The biggest attraction of the devil in history is to convince women to wear G strings very comfortable.

It started, like many trends, posting Kim Kardashian’s post on Instagram. I didn’t hesitate to call it “self-portrait” because, frankly, I’m not sure if you can shoot your ass from this angle.

Still, in her lemon-yellow sports and leisure two pieces: an old-fashioned G-trousers, sticking out her tights, and then above the hips, in the style of pop stars and dilettantes in the late 1990s. A “whale tail”. The only thing missing is the tattoo of the waist Celtic.

The aesthetics of the 1990s was not accidental – the G-string itself came from Tom Ford’s 1997 Gucci collection, and there was no doubt that it had disappeared in a closet before the KKW was highlighted. In other words, it is not the modified lace we see today. This is a complete, almost text string with a Gucci badge, including the NeverEnding Story snake charm.

fine! So? So Kim is wearing a G string? This does not mean the world.

But then she kept posting.

long sleeve tops womens

It is normal to like it. I tried to fire it until I stumbled upon this ad in the New York magazine, “according to experts, women’s best thongs.”

Sorry, is there a G-string expert? Obviously this is the case. One of them even quoted a sentence.

“[Underwear company] Hanky ​​Panky normalizes the thong, making it an essential wardrobe for millions of women.”

So Cora Harrington of the Content Addict blog says. I respectfully say: How dare you! I don’t care if today’s G strings are lace, allegedly softer; I don’t care if they are a series of colors and textures, they are a shame.

Before you blame me, let me explain that not only the terrible 80s beach ambulance and Diet Coke ads brought me to this place – it was a fact that they were not very comfortable. They are called “golden floss” for a reason. Do you want your ass to swell permanently? Because Kim is gone now, we will see this: G-string PJs. The G string of work. Play for. G string for school delivery.

Before we know it, it will become G-string Gilead.

“Oh, once you get used to them, they are actually more comfortable than underwear.”

In the late 1990s, a good friend sent out these unforgettable words, when G-strings — or some of my male friends called G-bangers — were considered a liberated woman. Part of the closet, as an oversized bodice and denim blazer.

I just want to say that we are no longer friends. It’s not a G string that lets us split up, but to be honest? If I say that the G string has nothing to do with it, I will lie.

This is not like I have not tried – I mean to use the G string. I gave up friendship a long time ago. I fell on the “Brazil” model and pretended not to notice that my butt face was cut in half. Pretend that I am excited about the only line I can’t see now. But it was then.

These days, if you want an invisible dress, you put on the control underwear, the biggest advantage is that they attract you, instead of separating your bottom, as if it are two steamed dumplings, due to excessive moisture And join.

When the G string belongs to the return, a middle-aged man can only stay on a half-naked woman, and it is the beach that feels good about himself. But this is 2018, we now have Instagram.

This made me return to gold. Please underwear experts, please stay on our mobile phone. We are so far. We now have “boyleg” underwear. Going back will be a mistake – a huge, huge, whale-sized mistake.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Reports about the appearance of underwear prisoners may be misunderstood.

Last week, the Women’s Prison Inspectorate (HMIPS) criticized the so-called “unacceptable practices” because prisoners were detained in police custody without wearing clothes.

Last week, the Women’s Prison Inspectorate (HMIPS) criticized the so-called “unacceptable practices” because prisoners were detained in police custody without wearing clothes.

According to reports, a prisoner described as wearing pajamas actually insisted on wearing an “onsie” jumpsuit.

The newly appointed deputy police chief, Fiona Taylor, said: “When our officials treat any public with less respect than they deserve, I will not try to make excuses.

“However, in these special cases, we have the ability to check the true accuracy of the report before the report is released.

“So when I talk to the guardian, some of the material published is not their interpretation of the local facts.”

Sources indicate that HMIP officials may see a prisoner without shoes during transportation, but this does not mean that they are entering the court in such a state.

David Hamilton, vice chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “HMIPS has issued a free pass comment. The Scottish police should have the opportunity to conduct fact checks.”

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Kate Upton stuns in the hot underwear shooting

Kate Upton takes her Instagram page to show off her famous curves in a stunning lingerie photo.

As part of its partnership with lingerie brand Yamamay, Supermodels often use popular social media platforms to share sexy lingerie snaps to promote apparel. In the photo, the 26-year-old is sitting in a bright space with a modern wooden structure, wearing a nude bra and matching underwear. She was looking at the camera, her lips gently separating, because her wavy hair fell on her shoulders, partially covering the right side of her face.

Sports Illustrated swimwear stars paired photos with #ConfidentBeauty #ThePerfectFit tags, which fans thought would be a perfect match.

“When a woman wears self-confidence, she will never be more beautiful!” A fan soon noticed. This post received more than 66,000 comments and more than 300 comments in less than an hour. This week’s situation will definitely increase by a few thousand.

This photo seems to come from a few months ago because the blond blockbuster is currently pregnant for a few months. In July, she announced the news with her husband, the 35-year-old Houston astros pitcher Justin Verlander. According to the “Daily Mail” report, the model and the Major League Baseball champion were married at a ceremony held in Tuscany, Italy in November.

“I am very proud that this little person will grow up in this world like a woman like you! I love you very much,” Wieland wrote on social media, as the Sun reported.

Upton was one of the celebrities who were called “The Fappening” by George Garofano and three conspirators in 2014. He leaked Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, Hayden’s private photo Panettiere, Bell Lake and several others.

According to “Today’s USA” report, Connecticut resident Garofano was sentenced to eight months in prison on Thursday. He pleaded guilty in April. One of his accomplices, 36-year-old Ryan Collins, was sentenced to 18 months in 2016, while 29-year-old Edward Majerczyk was accused of planning a phishing program for celebrities, sentenced to nine months in 2017, and the fourth person involved in Emilio Herrera, 32, has pleaded guilty and plans to be sentenced next month.

“This is obviously a shameless violation of her “privacy”, and Upton responded to her 2014 hacking through her lawyer.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Police: Men who fled the police found hiding in underground clothes

A man in Council Bluffs was out of the police before he said he tried to escape from Wednesday morning and was found hiding in the underwear in the basement.

The 42-year-old Mitchell Boyle was accused of evading the police and possessing misbehaving of methamphetamine.

According to the news of the Council Bluffs police, a police officer found a silver minivan without a license plate at around 2:55 am on North 8th Street and G Avenue.

The police followed the minivan and parked at a residence near North 8th Street and Wilson Avenue.

As the police approached, he saw the shadow moving towards the back of the house, and then a man – later identified as Boyer – passed through the backyard.

While searching the area, the police found a woman who was later confirmed to be a passenger of Boyer, lying on a set of stairs near the house.

The police said the woman told them that she was riding with Boyer when the police began tracking them. Before he told her to run, Boyer parked the car in the driveway of the house, and the woman thought it was his house.

The police said the woman followed Boyer until she fell on the stairs. She told the police that she ran because she was afraid and didn’t know what was going on.

She was eventually released.

The police searched Boyer in the area but could not find him.

At 4:10 in the morning, a caller told the police that a white man was seen passing through the yard near North Eight Street and Street L.

The police went to the house where Boyer was registered and knocked at the door.

Boyer’s mother and brother opened the door and told the police that Boyer was not inside and allowed the police to search the house for him.

In the basement, the police alleged that Boyer “hidden in his underwear” and that the scratches on his body seemed to come from bushes or trees.

“Boyle, a big man, is also sweating,” the police said.

Boyer was handcuffed and detained. It was alleged that when he saw a police officer tracking him, he told the police that his license was suspended.

According to reports, Boyer continued to say that he was hiding in the bushes of the Brotherhood softball field and then entered his home, and his brother and mother knew that he was there.

“Boyer also said that the controlled substances in the car belong to him,” the police said.

In the minivans, the police allegedly found a small amount of cannabis and methylbenzene in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

Boyer’s next hearing is scheduled to take place on September 5. The minivan was towed away.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Politician blasts ‘anonymous coward’ who posted her photos in lingerie

ladies long sleeve tops

Earlier this month, Rachel Hundley, a 35-year-old woman, worked at the Sonoma City Council in California and is currently running for re-election. She received an anonymous email asking her to withdraw from the competition. The sender called her “immoral and immoral” and included a link to a now-dissolved website called “Rachel Hundley Exposed”, which contained Hundley’s social burning man in her bra and underwear. Media materials. Her friend told her to ignore it. Instead, Hendry chose to openly respond and post a four-and-a-half-minute YouTube video, saying she would not be quit by “swearing”.

“I was threatened by an anonymous coward,” Hendry said in a video released last week. She said the e-mail “is simply extortion” and also posted a screenshot of the news, saying that her history is “very disturbing” and said: “Sonoma needs what our children can see. Moral and ethical leadership, our community can believe. You have no measures.”

“What’s particularly disturbing in this #MeToo era is that I’m trying to humiliate me to celebrate my body and to be a burning man,” she said. “In the last few years of burning people, I volunteered to manage a famous Wine Bar, the wine bar is associated with camps that focus on consent and gender-positive themes.”

Hendry went on to say that the site was allegedly created by a group called “Sonoma Peace and Co-Citizenship” and relied entirely on “unfounded accusations and humiliating” and that “the purpose is to scare me.” Silence, another strong female voice, made me afraid of this election and refused your right to make a choice.”

As the Washington Post pointed out, although every politician must deal with critics and trolls, female candidates are more likely than male candidates because they are often subjected to “extremely humiliating or sexually harassed images.” distribution.

Jennifer Lawless, a professor at the University of Virginia who studies the intersection, said: “Whether it’s awkward or trying to humiliate a woman, because she’ve done sex-related things in the past, this activity is still more for women than for men. More.” Gender and politics told the Post. “Using a woman’s sexual orientation is seen as a way to undermine its credibility and undermine its experience.”

However, this strategy does not work for Hendry. “I am here today to tell me those bullies who don’t show up. I can’t be ashamed because I am not ashamed,” she said.