The plump Japanese jazz pianist returns, as a plus size bodystocking Sexy prostitute

The plump Japanese jazz pianist returns, as a plus size bodystocking Sexy prostitute

plus size bodystocking

Just last month, the Japanese jazz pianist Riyoko Takagi decided to carry on the Christmas music on the piano, wearing an exposed Christmas dress to celebrate the festival.

Supported by thousands of people who praised her holiday video, Takagi decided to celebrate the new year with another performance. This time she was dressed as an attractive prostitute.

In her new video, Takagi plays a “Haru no” (“spring”), which is usually around Japan at the beginning of the new year. By Michio Miyagi in 1929, Takagi puts Jazz’s spin on the original arrangement, while adding its own special talent to the performance.

Look at the clips below:

 plus size bodystocking

Takagi’s performance is at the point of the whole video, for the talented pianist to hit all the correct records and her dexterous fingers.

When she raised her left hand and pulled the robe off her shoulder, she even had no chance to beat the racket, revealing a pink bra.

This time, Takagi gave the fans more than a plus size bodystocking playing, she told us some of her Japanese New Year decorations from the bedside of the window.

If you see until the end, Takagi sends a greeting to our affectionate “Koto Yoro”, which is the abbreviation for “kotoshi Mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu”, which means “please treat me well again this year.”

Takagi’s fans grow every performance. Now, more and more people are looking forward to the important festival in the calendar, hoping they can cooperate with the new video of the jazz pianist. We can’t wait to see what the Valentin Festival brought in February!

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