Police that'creepy copper invaded the ex love Snapchat account

Police that’creepy copper invaded the ex love Snapchat account

Police that’creepy copper invaded the ex love Snapchat account and stared at her image in suit underwear  when she ended their relationship.
The abandoned Stuart Bradshaw bombarded WPC, Elmar, Ding Ning, 28, and text messaging said he would not “give up” after she ended their brief relationship.
The obsessive police also invaded her Snapchat account more than 250 times to read her messages and photos and send gifts.
Bradshaw also released a photo of her and her cat as pictures of his Facebook, his former, although Elmar gave him a message telling him to leave her.

suit underwear
She later said that Bradshaw, who threatened to hurt himself, police, and he told police that she was “loving their lives.”
He avoided jail after today, and Elmar admitted in March this year to the sheriff’s court in Flint County in July 2016.
Was Bradshaw sentenced to 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and banned from contacting him for the first five years?
District judge Gwyn Jones said he had “bad habits” with the police and made “invasion of privacy”.The judge added: “you know your contact will not be welcomed.”.But after a while, about eight months, you continue to unhealthy control behavior.
Elmar, a police officer for the West Midlands police, said she made “unstable” Bradshaw walk into her life after a long period of plenty of fish to see him.
“I have a new life,” she explained. “I’ve already left.”. But I think he’s lurking in the background, still haunting me.”
Bradshaw, against Okun, Holt, near Flint, has been off work for some time, because of mental health problems. He was suspended before a disciplinary hearing.

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