Suit underwear is not the best hiding place

Suit underwear is not the best hiding place

Sturgeon lake people have learned the hard way, suit underwear is a place where the police will find hiding drugs.

Dorian Anakian Harvey, sturgeon lake, was sent to jail for 45 days in a court in March 5th.

A small amount of methamphetamine was found in his suit underwear, when he was in prison, the federal prosecutor Cameron McCoy told the court.

Harvey passed the medicine to another prisoner and gave it back to him.

He was caught two times on the spot, “Mccoy said.

“His behavior shows that he has drug problem,” D.R. Shynkar said. The judge is sentencing.

At the time of his arrest, Harvey had already ordered the court not to contact a named woman and not to have drugs.

Harvey spent eight days in Pease Leaf correctional hospital waiting to appear in court.

Harvey also appeared in court to accept other similar allegations and pleaded guilty. In addition, he was fined 800 yuan, plus a fine of 240 yuan, a fine of 300 yuan, plus an additional fee of 90 yuan, which failed to comply with the relevant conditions of another file.

The accusation is because he found a small amount of methamphetamine in possession, which violated the conditions of prohibition of carrying drugs.

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