Fajas and Shapewear Options for All Body Types

You can transform your figure and even boost confidence with the right shapewear. Waistdear is the leading shapewear brand that offers the best collections. This is your destination if you’re looking for fajas and shapewear in any size and body type.

Waistdear’s Fajas Collection

Fajas are a type of shapewear that provides compression to shape your body. Women commonly use these during the recovery phase of surgeries. At Waistdear, you will have an extensive range of wholesale fajas collections. They’re made from quality materials and innovative designs. Here are a few types of Fajas.

High-Waist Fajas

These fajas target the tummy and help shape the waist. So, they’re perfect for smoothing out the abdominal area. Brands use breathable and flexible materials such as nylon and spandex blends. You will get firm compression without any discomfort.

Full-Body Fajas

If you seek all-over support, these full-body fajitas are an excellent choice. With these fajas, you can have comprehensive shaping from the bust down to the thighs. It makes them ideal if you want to wear under dresses or fitted clothing. Moreover, they have seamless designs to ensure a sleek look without any visible lines. They work like the built-in shaper dress, serving the same purpose of full-body shaping.

Post-Surgery Fajas

Women need something that can help them recover from surgery. So, the brand comes with post-surgery fajas and postpartum fajas. These can offer you gentle and effective compression to help in healing. At Waistdear, you can find soft and breathable fabrics.

Waistdear offers fajas in various sizes. The brand ensures that everyone can have fajas, from skinny to plus-size women. It’s time to find a garment that fits you and provides the right level of support.

Waistdear’s Shapewear Collection

With Fajas, you can have targeted and more intensive shaping. But shapewear provides everyday solutions that give you comfort and style. Here are a few top options at Waistdear for all sizes and body types.

Shaping Shorts

It is a versatile shapewear that any woman should have in their wardrobe. These shaping shorts provide smooth lines under your skirts, dresses and even pants. They focus on shaping the tummy, thighs and hips. You will feel comfortable all day wearing the breathable fabric.


The next in the shapewear collection are bodysuits. These are modern, providing all-over smoothing and support to your body. For added convenience, you will see extra features such as built-in bras and pads. Moreover, you can have seamless designs to get rid of visible lines.

Waist Trainers

If you want your waist to be more refined, this particular shapewear is the answer. Most women use it for hourglass figures. They’re made from flexible materials with strong compression. At Waistdear, you will find different types of waist trainers.

Shaper Dress

These are ready-to-wear garments that make you look stunning and stylish. You can add these dresses to your wardrobe.

So, you can explore a shapewear collection that is available for all sizes and body types. Waistdear ensures that every individual can find the perfect fit.




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