Kathryn Hahn's rescue dog Banjo has three "abdominal surgeries" for eating children's underwear.

Kathryn Hahn’s rescue dog Banjo has three “abdominal surgeries” for eating children’s underwear.

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Katherine Hahn was packed with people in 2018! The Bad Moms actress pays tribute to Us Weekly and tells her the random habits of family pets, which has made him a veterinarian several times this year.

Hollywood’s favorite pet
“I made my [children] a rescue dog named Banjo, who loved him very much,” said 45-year-old Hahn, who paid tribute to us at the Gotham Awards Ceremony in New York City on Monday, November 26.

“He gave us a lot of happiness,” my wish author continued. “Although he has not had three abdominal surgeries so far.”

Real TV’s most popular pets
As for what Hahn can buy with all the money spent on the veterinary bill in 2018? “This is a good piece of jewelry,” she said to us jokingly.

Celebrity pets and social media accounts
Hahn – his son, 12-year-old Leonard and 9-year-old daughter, Mae, husband Ethan Sandler – opened up her family life in an interview with Parade last month.

“I live a very normal life. I have lovely children and a forever husband and two dogs and a rabbit. Now it is a hamster. We are becoming an animal hoarder,” she said the publication in October. Say. “So I have a rich and creative life, but I also have a normal life, and I have been able to maintain the independence and holiness of the two.”

The Illinois native added: “I don’t do social media either. In the summer, I invited my daughter to the premiere of Transylvania Hotel 3. We have a ball, this is a very good movie, but I think that is our first and last time.”

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