Underwear brand Godress launched a new Shapewear series of smooth leather

Underwear brand Godress launched a new Shapewear series of smooth leather

Today’s underwear has gone beyond the basic bra, underwear, and vest, providing a variety of products and series with different fabrics and functions for different target audiences.

With more and more women trying to update their styles, different body types and size fashions have become a common phenomenon, and the need for body-building categories is no longer single.

Shapewears are compressive underwear that helps shape or shape the stomach, arms, hips, and thighs for the power zone. They are skin-tightening clothes that stimulate blood circulation and stabilize muscles by exerting pressure on certain parts of the body. This technique helps to squeeze excessive fat, make the body look slimmer, feel better, and keep smooth lines in any dress.

Godress, a high-end and fashionable underwear brand of the new era, is working on their Smoothskin series. Shapewear Clothing Series shapes prominence to make dreams come true. Godress’s Smothskin series is made of special comfortable breathable fabrics, with a specific compression area, which can move freely and flexible. The lightweight appearance gives the clothes a seamless and invisible feeling.

Godress’s Smothskin will offer a variety of styles, help solve problem areas, and show off each dress confidently.

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