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Can Knix win a $12 billion underwear war?

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On this year’s Mother’s Day, the incredible thing happened to Joanna Griffiths, founder and CEO of five-year-old underwear brand Knix: At 10 weeks of pregnancy, she noticed blood on her underwear. Later that day, after six hours and two ultrasound tests, the nurse told Griffith and her husband that she was aborted. And she should expect more bloodshed.
“She is wrong,” Griffith told me. “I think I bleed. I bleed through five super long overnight mats and three pairs of pajamas.”

As the head of a fast-growing, self-funding startup, Griffith often works 12 hours a day. Knix currently sells one item every 10 seconds and is expected to sell 500,000 orders this year alone. She currently has 37 employees, but she needs to reach 50 by the end of the year to keep up with the growth of the brand.

Griffith wants to know if she has caused a miscarriage in some way through excessive efforts or excessive travel. (Nearly half of the women mistakenly blame themselves for pregnancy.) She decided to do something about her pain: she started advertising campaigns for Knix for fertility issues, and women would share their struggles publicly. “I want women to talk about all of this in public,” Griffith told me.

In today’s video posted on Knix’s website and on the Instagram channel, Griffith shared her own story. But the event also interviewed 50 other Knix customers who talked about a wide range of topics related to fertility. Some people talk about desperately wanting to have children but they are unable to give birth. At the roundtable discussion, the three women talked about things they didn’t intend to have children at all: “I don’t think this is a woman because I don’t want to be a mother,” one of them said.

Knix positions itself as a brand that reinvents underwear through functional details, such as undergarments that absorb periodic blood or incontinence, and bras that provide support without any wires. But Griffiths’ ambition for Knix is ​​not just about trying to reimagine women’s underwear. Through the company’s social channels and advertising, she also created a female community – online and offline – focused on embracing her body.

The brand’s Instagram page is full of rows of real customers, proudly showing stretch marks with increased or decreased weight, and abdominal stretch in the middle of the abdomen, stretching out during pregnancy. A woman, Nikki McKean, is a nude photo that highlights the flattening of the chest after breast mastectomy. “Women are not just their bodies and breasts, they are not just what they bring,” she said in the title. “The power of femininity lies in the inner.”

“I decided not to use professional models earlier,” Griffith said. “And, surprisingly, women seem to be more inclined to us because we are tougher and less refined than other brands. I think I realized that there is something stronger than underwear: this brand may be part of the sport. “

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Alexander Wang and Uniqlo collaborate to produce underwear

Alexander Wang revealed to Vogue that he always buys socks and underwear from Uniqlo, because in his opinion, the brand’s daily necessities are “not critical, pure, and quality.” This may be the reason for New York designers to work with Uniqlo. Develop underwear series.

In the past, Wang worked with Uniqlo to create a series of ready-to-wear collections shortly after the designer launched his eponymous brand. Wang told Vogue that Uniqlo’s CEO and president “has been very supportive” and encouraged him to return to Uniqlo to seek new cooperation.

Wang and Youyi’s upcoming underwear collaboration comes first from the idea of ​​introducing Japanese brand Heattech fabrics into underwear design. Uniqlo explains on its website that Heattech is a “lightweight high-tech fabric that actually generates heat to warm you and keep you warm.” This material is made of fiber that absorbs moisture from the body and produces heat. .

“Heattech is a program created by innovations, features and utilities,” Alexander Wang told Vogue. “I have been very encouraged by the progress and innovation in manufacturing. I want to think about it in a way, even if it is not only worn inside – if you wear it as a top, as a rest thing – you think There is a style, a beauty that can exist independently.”

The collaboration line will be released on November 9th, just in time for shoppers to start storing warm materials in the winter. The range of prices ranges from $15 to $40, including tights, T-shirts, tights, bras and men’s underwear.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Kate Moss’s sister Lottie wears sexy lace lingerie on a wretched Instagram post

Lottie Moss shows off her enviable figure in her latest Instagram post as she wears her underwear to seduce overnight.

Kate Moss’s younger half-sister must know how to get her fans back more, this time she shows her model figure by wearing a sexy mirrored self-portrait in a black lace lingerie suit, which she shares through her Instagram story.

The 20-year-old caught her sexy side because she seemed to be preparing to go out because she could see a pile of clothes sitting in the background of her rough picture. Although she seems to be mostly cosmetic, Lottie is wearing a long blonde. The title of her Instagram story is written in “BLUR” in capital letters.

London models are no strangers to sharing provocative photos with her more than 200,000 fans on social media platforms. She often only uses her bikini or sports underwear to post her photos. In an Instagram post in September, Lottie put a few photos in her underwear, she paired with a denim jacket and provided a message for the online enemy.

“Screaming at all enemies and online trolls. Your negative emotions have turned into love. Thanks to @diesel for their support and help spread the enthusiasm!!” said the blond blockbuster.

But Lottie’s sister, supermodel Kate Moss, recently said she “hate” nudes – because it recalls how embarrassing she felt when she was stripped of a young model.

“There is no pressure to be exposed to nude photos. I work with a female photographer, Corinne Day. She always likes me very much. According to my Daily Mail, the British fashion icon says that I didn’t like it at first.

Kate went on to explain that while working with her then boyfriend, photographer Mario Sorrenti, she managed to get used to posing without clothes, she was famous for her 1993 Calvin The Klein Obsession event fired.

“Mario is my boyfriend, so I am used to it, but I am still always like, ‘Can I wear some clothes?'” she added.

However, Lottie did get the party’s genes from her older half-sister. According to the Sun, after a sweltering night in London, she smoked and waited for a taxi and found that she looked even worse.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Here is the best agent because LINGERRIE is now turning right

My friend, this holiday season is coming, which means that it is almost time to reunite with friends and family, celebrate your blessings, and present thoughtful gifts to your loved ones from the bottom of my heart.

However, there is no doubt that women in your life should get something more sexy, which is why you should look at the gallery above to get some inspiration, and the ten pieces of Agent Provocateur’s sexiest underwear will look like your girlfriend. , wife, mistress, etc.

But we did not stop because there were only 10 sultry appearances. Below, you’ll find the top three choices of the most enticing lingerie set in my luxury lingerie collection.




What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

HONOR seeks to donate sheets, socks, underwear and diapers

As the cold weather approached, HONOR asked people to remember the unfortunate by participating in “single piece suits, socks, underwear and diaper drives.”

Since 1974, HONOR (helping others need our resources) has provided a safe environment for the Orange County residents in need. To achieve self-sufficiency goals, HONOR provides housing, food, crisis intervention, counseling, residential stability, rehabilitation and vocational skills.

To help fulfill its mission, HONOR asked the community to donate a single piece of bed linen, diapers, underwear and socks.

Items (new, please) can get off at the following locations:

• St. James Episcopal Church, 1 St. James Square, Goshen

• Goshen Hardware Ltd., 44 W. Main St., Goshen

• Ayres & Galloway Hardware at 83 Middletown North Street

HONOR is a private, non-profit, multi-faceted service organization. The agency operates 15 separate but integrated licensing programs and contracts with the Orange County government to provide services.

HONOR represents an agreement with more than 60 health, mental health, drug abuse, legal and homeless service providers on behalf of its clients.

Its 24-hour triage call center is the entry point for the homeless coordinated care system, with a primary focus on providing immediate stability (residence, food, clothing, safety and emergency health, mental health and substance abuse services) through Direct contact between provider and secondary care management.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Underwear measurement of soil microbial activity

When Amanda Volsen and her husband buried four pairs of new cotton underwear, they were bombarded with four children’s problems. The biggest, maybe you may want to know: Why do you want to bury underwear?

In recent years, Walson and her husband have gained new insights into the soil health of corn, soybeans and small farms in southern Minnesota. The “dirty underwear” test gives them the opportunity to see which areas contain the most microbial activity and which areas are still improving.

“My husband has been farming because he can walk with his grandfather and his father. For the past few years, he has been looking for cover crops and conservation tillage methods,” Volsen said. “We already have some no-till fields because they are very susceptible to erosion, but we are really digging for crops.”

The family has been experimenting with crops for the past three years. This experiment proves that their efforts create a healthier environment for microbes.

Volsen said: “In the four buried underwear, only the five-year no-till and three-year coverage crops are left behind.” “Almost intact is the rotation of corn and beans and traditional farming.”

Farmers who perform soil testing for viscera basically use the garment as a substitute for corn stalks to more evenly compare soil health. The US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Authority and others have been encouraging this practice in the past so that farmers can truly understand the role of soil in the field.

“If I do this, I will look at the characteristics of the field I want to improve and the current management practices,” said Michael Lehman, a microbiologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Laboratory. Decomposition and decomposition are attributed to whether the microorganism has food and soil structure.

“They need food, and the important thing is that they need root exudates,” Lehman said. When plants survive, they produce energy through photosynthesis, but about 20% of them are lost in the soil through the roots. He added that long-term rooting in the soil causes microbial exudates to stimulate more activity, leading to faster decomposition and contributing to healthy soils.

This extra energy may be why the Volsen family used cover crops and no-till in the field to see the most disintegration of underwear. In addition, studies have shown that no-till and minimal soil support soil structure better than conventional arable land.

“If your soil structure allows air and water to flow through, microbial activity will increase,” Lehman said. Fields with poor soil structure are usually promoted through aggressive farming and fallow periods, and oxygen and water microbes cannot be continuously supplied.

“However, after you reach the soil, it produces an outbreak of microbial activity, but it does not last because the soil subsidence structure is not that large, limiting the flow of air and water, resulting in low activity,” Lehman said. . “It is also more susceptible to stagnant water [may reduce microbial activity].”

He said that a better option is to provide a mild year of activity by improving soil structure and providing food in the form of root exudates. If you do a underwear test and find it still intact after 60 days, Lehman says you need to take steps to add new crops to your rotation, reduce tillage, retain residue and keep the field growing for as long as possible.

At Volsen Farm, test reminders and prove that their efforts to help the soil are working.

Walson said: “We work with multiple generations on the farm, so it is good to prove what we see in crops in underwear.” “Covering crops and protective measures is not a magical solution, it needs With proper management, you can’t just try it once and have a learning curve that makes it fit your operation. But it’s worth it.”

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Underwear addicts spend £20,000 to buy bras and shorts: ‘I know I am wearing beautiful underwear’

Ellie Hatfull admits she has more than 150 bras and trousers, and she wears to make her feel good.

The 27-year-old woman from Sydney, Australia, called herself an “underwear addiction” and posted all of her favorite looks on her Lace and Haze Instagram account.

But about three years ago, she started building a fancy series and now spends thousands of dollars on underwear.

Her obsession even made her in trouble at work.

Wrote on her blog, she said: “The management came and commented on how inappropriate my equipment is.

“Some things with ‘underwear doesn’t mean showing’ and ‘I can see your bra’.”

Ellie claims that her obsession comes from a young age when she became interested in fashion but could not express her style at work.

She told the Daily Mail: “Because of these restrictions, I started to guide my personal style through my underwear.

“No one will see it, but putting on what I think is true to me will make me feel good.”

Ellie – has more than 41,500 fans on Instagram – claiming that you should adopt rules in lingerie, including not wearing lace bras directly under knitwear.

She added: “Contrary to the classic Instagram posts of oversized sweaters and lace bras, this is really not a good idea.

“The friction between lace and knitwear causes both items to become pills that damage the bra.

“Try to wear silk between the two.”

In sharing her advice on physical enthusiasm and embracing her natural physique, Ellie admitted that she would find self-love when she started her underwear journey.

“You didn’t wake up one day, just decided to be positive about your body. It’s a slow process and you can’t learn all the courses and expectations you’ve been told before,” she continued.

“Your body is constantly changing, so your mindset must also grow and expand.”

Ellie explained: “As far as I am concerned, when I started wearing underwear, I became healthy. It made me feel good, just like a kind of self-care.

“I know that when I wear beautiful underwear, I am a better version of myself; if you feel good inside, it will bring other aspects of your life.”

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Confessions of underwear addicts: 27-year-old woman, she spent $5,000 on underwear this year, revealing her expert guide – and avoiding the biggest mistakes

Sydney-based Elly Hatfull is an addict who claims to be an underwear.

The 27-year-old lingerie enthusiast has more than 150 sets of growing wardrobes, a blog dedicated to reviewing lingerie, promoting sustainable shopping and ethical consumerism, and sharing her physical enthusiasm.

With more than 41,000 Instagram followers, the famous Lace and Haze creative bloggers are becoming more and more well-known in the private apparel industry.

When talking about FEMAIL, Ms. Hatfull discussed her passion for lingerie, expert advice on getting the most out of her underwear, and how much she spent on indulging her past.

“I have been addicted to fashion since I was very young, but with my work, I can’t express my style,” she told FEMAIL.

“Because of these limitations, I started to guide my personal style through my underwear.

“No one will see it, but wearing what I think is true to myself will make me feel good.”

Her Instagram appeared later, and Ms. Hatfull noticed that others shared their underwear experiences through social media.

“I want to get involved, meet new people and share love with like-minded people – one day, I decided to start a page, which is the best decision I have ever made,” she said.

“The blog soon became an extension of my Instagram, initially as a means of challenging myself.

“As a child, my speech and writing are very difficult. This is still my hard work, so blogging is a way I can push myself to improve these skills.

Today, Ms. Hatfull has chosen her underwear from more than 150 wardrobes, some of which are no longer suitable, but are reserved for “display and emotional value”.

As for how much she spends on her favorite hobby, Ms. Hatfull admits that she is only obscured.

“Whenever I buy underwear, including casual wear and accessories, I incorporate them into my jacket to get the most value from every item.

“So far, I spent about $5,000 on underwear this year.”

When asked about her favorite brand, Ms. Hatfull said she has long liked different prices.

“It’s almost impossible, but for luxury, I like Bordelle and Harlow & Fox.

“For things that are easier to get, my first choice is “Silent Arrow” and “Rondo”.

Ms. Hatfull is passionate about responsible shopping and ethical fashion as she focuses on lingerie and regularly publishes images on her social media feed, including Hara The Label made from vegetable dyes and bamboo.

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Lena Dunham explains why she flashed Brad Pitt

Why did Lena Dunham flash her underwear to Brad Pitt in the movie set.

The former “girl” star is portraying the story of Catherine Share, a member of the Kunming family, in Quintin Tarantino’s upcoming mysterious crime movie “Huang Feihong of Hollywood” .

Lena recently took some scenes for the film and showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Thursday night explained why there are beautiful paparazzi pictures showing her flashing Brad, who plays the stunt double Cliff Booth in the movie.
“My scene is the opposite of Brad Pitt. I don’t agree with this because there is obviously a tight ban, but the paparazzi did get a photo that made me see Brad Pitt’s panties flickering,” she said. Say. “It’s between shooting, it makes sense in the moment. We’re talking about the Chobe doll, a 1920’s illustration character, someone asked, ‘What is the Chobe doll?’ I said, ‘Okay, I can tell you, I have one right next to me. ‘The skirt appears. If you have illustrations on your body, then are you showing them to people?”

Lena continued to share her public relations officer’s request that she stop letting anyone shine, especially in the late night chat program, which made her want to do more.
In the interview, the actress also talked about her new HBO series “camping”, which she wrote and co-executed with Jenni Konner and revealed that she had some “trouble” during the downtime.

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t realize that part of the reason I did so much was because I was actually very lazy, so I needed to set all of this to prevent myself from being completely lazy,” 32-year-old sighed. “I entered the very dark space with sticky snacks. We are talking about Sour Patch Kids, we are talking about fruit snacks – I don’t know it already exists – we are talking about three to four packs of Welch fruit snacks every hour. It is said that this person is running on Fruit Snacks.”

What Kind of Suit Underwear Do You Like Wearing? - Most comfortable underwear for Men

Underwear should be decent and cautious, please don’t mtumba!

Last week, I stumbled across some stories about used mitumba underwear. According to this story, the sale of mitumba underwear is illegal – but according to what I saw on the hood, the trade of mitumba underwear is alive. Imagine wearing other people’s underwear (especially those that cover the lower part of the anatomy) can be a bit painful and disturbing.

However, a stretched wallet can lead people to fear beyond the wearing of other people’s underwear. This story reminds me of underwear problems in this area.

Many people think that everything should not be discussed, and underwear should be kept – but according to my observation, the main underwear crime we bear is not just buying second-hand underwear.

One of the most special habits we see when buying underwear is the size problem. Most people do as much as they do for accurate measurements of key body parts. Women are particularly notorious when buying bras – some people appear to be unfamiliar with cup size, chest area and sagging factors.

For those who choose smaller sizes, the results are often very disturbing – because we all see poor mothers being crushed into helpless sausage-like structures. In many cases, these poor body parts seem to be making a cry for a small device brought to their owner. Then you have those women who don’t realize that their talent size needs better support to eliminate the interesting shaking and sagging.

In front of a well-dressed, well-dressed woman, she was distracted by seeing her chest facing the center of the earth, which was painful – only because she chose to wear the wrong bra.

All women need to wear the right bra size to get all the blessings and restrictions on the chest – anything else violates the aesthetic rights of others. There are many people who like to question the idea that underwear should remain under a clear line of sight.

These people come in all shapes and sizes, starting with women who like to make sure we see how good (or how bad) their thongs look in the rift at their bottom. What they don’t know is that no matter how beautiful its owner, you can see the rope or thong clipped between a leather. It is perfectly acceptable to make the object of your desire a visual sample of the upcoming good thing – but I don’t think there is any reason why the whole world should know what private performance should be.

Many of us can tolerate seeing women’s underwear in some way, but it is very serious to see male underwear unnecessarily. Most male underwear is fully functional, lacking the lace and ruffles of women’s underwear. Therefore, men have no convincing reason to allow their trousers to hang down to the knees, hoping that some women will feel dizzy when they see their underwear. The only people who can show us their underwear as needed are hip-hop stars, just because they have paid a lot of money to do so, and most of them are so good that they let us forget their pants. Therefore, men who do not fall into this category should completely hide their clothes and not be targeted by the public.

If I don’t talk about cycling shorts, I will hurt this country, which is the most annoying female underwear we see in this world. Cycling shorts have become the mainstay of Kenyan women’s underwear for those who don’t know. I told me reliably that the purpose of cycling shorts is to reduce the circumference, make the panties disappear, and usually make women look more beautiful. In many cases, women choose the wrong size (always smaller size) and hope that cycling shorts will mysteriously let them lose weight. The end result is that all the defects in the female body become more prominent – especially fat and cellulite. Some women do not understand that certain fabrics do not respond well to certain cycling materials.

So when the fabric of their dress meets the fabric of cycling shorts – it will eventually become chaotic – a very scary website. Who in the world can help us understand why some women insist that the world know the color and length of bicycle shorts. Even before we understand that cycling shorts are the fastest and most effective libido killer on earth. Not only do they make women’s bodies look bad, but they also make women’s pleasures completely inaccessible, not to mention the suffocating conditions that the poor must endure when the cycling shorts are held hostage.