Underwears, especially for the men have flooded the market that includes style, comfort and fashion too. The most
famous amongst them are the boxer briefs, which are amongst the popular choice because they are loose and provide a
feeling of comfort and support at the same time. Whatever is the choice of a man, he should be comfortable and even
confident about his them and he must choose something that fits him right. Cotton is the most favourable fabric for
the male underwear. This is because it is durable and has a long lasting quality too.

Centuries and years ago underwears were worn only by the nobles and wealthy men. But when linen was introduced in the
18th century, commoners were able to afford them too. Underwear for men has become more of a fashion trend,
especially for the muscular men, as they flaunt their assets in them. With the change of time and trends, guy’s
underwear has transformed too. It is no longer about support and comfort; there has been a transition towards fashion
and style.

There are many brands and fashion lines that are not only into clothing and couture but also designing most comfortable underwear
too. One of the most popular and famous line is from Calvin Klien. Calvin Klien underwear with its various intimate
guys’ underwear flooded the market of America in the year 1982. And since then they have been transformed in the most
innovative ways and popularised a brand name amongst the underwear for men. Calvin Klien has changed the common
opinion of the people regarding undergarments related to style and pop culture. These have been kept along the
cutting edge fashion lines and Calvin Klien introduces and continues to, to various new lines and fabrics.

This entire boy’s underwear or guy’s underwear is geared in the complete spectrum of usage, ranging from everyday use
to sports use and even some for special days and occasions. There is the underwear for men by Calvin Kline which is
complete with the design and available always with fresh styles for every season. Calvin Klien offers a selection of
male underwear in wide range. Irrespective of the kind of guy, these underwears would suit and fit anyone. Men’s
underwear from Calvin Klien has innovative cuts and fabrics, making it the perfect pair for any man. There are varied
ranges of underwears, like the Cotton Knit Boxer Brief, Cotton White Basic Brief etc.




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