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You have your Everlane T – shirt, you have your Everlane jeans… Now you really can make it a complete Everlane look, the latest risk of the brand: underwear.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with beautiful and affordable foundation. The charm of the best materials,” Alex Spunt, Everlane’s head, “tells us the charm. Underwear is the natural extension of this line. It is not only the most basic, but also as the first layer of the skin, high quality material is very important here.

Everlane began to assemble “about two years ago,” Spunt said. From the beginning, players had no place to “simply, really high-quality underwear”, only “cheap goods and too much fancy stuff.” (it’s a long process, depriving all unnecessary decorations, and ensuring that the details and materials are equally flexible.

In the first attempt at underwear, the brand adheres to its signature “clean and streamlined” aesthetics, according to the description of Spunt, and focuses on metamaterials (in this case, than cotton cotton) remodeling the most basic styles: Triangle pants, T-Shirts, bra and tights. “The important thing is to create the suit underwear   that our customers want to wear every day…” Instead of those underwear in the back of your drawer, “she said, the seven silhouettes made the final cut.

“Decades of news from the industry: suit underwear  will make you look sexy and sexy, usually involving a push up bra, some lace, and a body, 99.9% of the population is impossible,” Sput explained. Our information is very different. This is about feeling comfortable in your underwear and believe in your own skin. To convey, Everlane creates a multidimensional model of motion with a visible pattern of pregnancy and a curve. (however, it is noteworthy that the size is limited by the XS through the XL.)

Everlane underwear on March 26th although sales, most of the things Everlane go, already have a waiting list. Tight fitting underwear with a price range of $12 to $30. If you don’t see you go to this initial release, don’t be afraid to represent underwear, and make sure, “this is just the beginning of our underwear.”




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