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If there was one attire that we wouldn’t mind repeating, it would be a well-crafted and comfortable yoga set. That’s because they are the epitome of comfort and are suitable for workouts as well as lounging around. For this reason, we are talking about Cosmolle because they have a never-ending range of activewear sets that you can show off during your workouts and yoga sessions. In fact, they are available at an affordable rate, and that’s something everyone needs with the skyrocketing inflation. So, let’s check out a few pieces!

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

If you are someone who likes working out without compromising on your comfort, there is nothing better than this sports bra set and bike shorts. The set is made from a breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchable fabric, which keeps you cool. Also, when you are cool, you can work out for a longer time period.

Cosmolle has used an eco-friendly fabric (recycled nylon, to be precise), so your skin feels pampered. As for the top, it has a V-neck design, which accentuates your breasts and cleavage. In fact, the sports bra can support the breasts by providing a shockproof effect.

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

Seamless Acid Wash Gym Shorts Set

The short sets don’t have to be boring, and this set by Cosmolle proves it. Designed from an eco-friendly and comfortable fabric, it will feel like second skin. In fact, the shorts have a high-waist design, which makes the waist appear slimmer. It will hug and fit every curve of yours, and you will be able to work out without any issues. You will have full freedom to stretch and bend.

The shorts also have a peach buttock design, which highlights your hips. As far as the fashion statement is concerned, it has an acid-wash style, so it looks amazing. Also, the top has short sleeves, too, so the look is different.

Seamless Acid Wash Gym Shorts Set

Seamless Tank Top & Legging Set – Dusty Gray

In case you like wearing fuller clothes, you can opt for this set as it comes with leggings and a tank top. The set is made from comfortable and eco-friendly fabric, promising the utmost comfort. In fact, wearing it one time will make you fall in love with the set. There are high waisted leggings in this set, so your legs and waist will look slimmer.

Even more, Cosmolle has used a four-way stretch fabric, leading to a flexible workout experience. Also, the contouring panels help accentuate the legs.

Seamless Tank Top & Legging Set - Dusty Gray

Seamless Tie-Dye Sports Shorts Set

In case you’ve been following the fashion news, you would know that tie-dye is the ultimate fashion, and this set has been designed in this fabric, promising a fashionable appearance. The shorts have a soft and high waistband, which helps create the illusion of a slim waist. Cosmolle has used a combination of spandex and nylon, leading to comfort and flexibility. Also, it has a ribbed texture, so you don’t have to worry about your comfort issues.

Seamless Tie-Dye Sports Shorts Set



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