The Best Shapewear To Make Your Butt Fuller

Some time in all our lives, we would want a bit of extra control especially where our butt is concerned. Not everyone is born with a derriere like the Kardashians or Jennifer Lopez. While we can all spend hours at the gym having a full derriere does not come overnight. If you have tried on a form-fitting dress or a pair of denim jeans and did not like the hip dips you see in the mirror, well don’t worry. There is a range of an amazing shapewear that can help you to have perky butts instantly.

With strategically placing seams, pads, and lifting fabric in all the right places, the butt lifting shapewear is your new best friend. It is time to invest in this magical shapewear and you will never have to go through hours of hitting lunges and squats every day. You can find a wide selection of foundation wear that will make your butt look fuller at Waistdear, a top online shapewear retailer. Whether it is a thong bodysuit, shaping shorts, or built-in shaper dress, Waistdear has what you need to make your derriere shine. 

This online retailer offers a range of high-quality shapewear that is dedicated to helping women redefine their body image and to empower women to be confident and poised with quality shapewear. Waistdear also offers shapewear and waist trainer drop shipping service.

Tummy Control Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts

This pair of shorts is a beautiful piece of shapewear that will help you feel supported and confident all day long. It has a double-layer tummy panel on the midsection that offers firm control and also four alloy steel bones that prevent rolling down. This high-waist short will cinch the waist and smooth bulges. It also features a butt-lifting design that will contour the curves.

Wholesale Seamless Double-Layer Tummy Panel 4 Steel Bones Shapewear Shorts

Seamless Panty

For those who do not need extra tummy and thigh control, then this seamless panty with an elastic waist and double layers of detail will be able to lift and enhance your butt and give it an extra special plumping action. It features two plastic boning designs to keep it from rolling down. The lace hemline adds a feminine touch to this body shaper.

Super Trendy Black Elatic Waist Two Plastic Boned Big Size Butt Lifter

Under Bust Body Shaper

This under-bust butt lifter shaper is crafted using a tech-inspired process by converting spandex fibers into liquid form and applied to the surface of the fabric for better compression. Made from warp-knitted nylon yarn and polyurethane, it features a shiny texture and silky touch. This bodysuit is designed for control and comfort. It offers a firm midsection and thigh control and wraps the back more comprehensively. The 3D buttock lifting technology will not only lift the derriere, it will enhance it too.

Wholesale Liquid Spandex Air Slim Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Shaping Boyshort Shapewear

High Waisted Butt Lifter with Removable Hip Pads

This butt control shorts is made entirely with fitted fabric technology that enhances the compression. It has a double-layer fabric on the front and back panels for better compression. Featuring built-in removable hip pads, this pair of shorts will give you fuller buttocks.

Wholesale High Waisted Air Slim Butt Lifter with Removable Hip Pads

High-Waisted Butt Lifter Leggings

If you are looking for a pair of butt-sculpting leggings that will give you peachy booty without having to do all those lunges and squats, then these sporty athleisure leggings are what you need. Made with moisture-wicking fabric that is comfortable to wear, it has a high waist for extra coverage on the tummy. This butt-enhancing legging offers effective compression on the hip and tummy without compromising on the derriere.    

Wholesale Women Solid Color Yoga Leggings Butt Lifter Breathable Soft High Waist Sports Legging



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