Some call it sexy, others deem it trashy, but exposing your underwear is a long-standing trend. Slackers, skaters, and rap stars of the ’90s sparked plenty of controversy by wearing saggy pants that revealed their plaid-clad bottoms. Noughties girls followed suit, broadcasting their bedazzled G-strings from the tops of hip-hugger jeans. More recently, fashion has favored a little side-boob action (see Bella and Kendall), but the latest way to showcase your delicates is by no means seductive; instead, it feels embarrassingly accidental. Love it or hate it, tucking a tee into your underwear is officially a thing.
No doubt you’re picturing a schoolyard dork with his shirt haphazardly pushed into tighty-whities, but the look is making waves with a more stylish crowd. Take it from Moonlight star and fashion It boy Ashton Sanders, who daringly tucked a graphic tee into his drawers at Raf Simons’s Spring 2018 after-party. Women are in on the public panty display, too. Taylor Tomasi Hill was spotted wearing a Rosie Assoulin T-shirt with a pair of Natasha Zinko jeans (complete with built-in boxers—how convenient!), while further afield, it was seen on the streets of Moscow at Russia Fashion Week Fall 2017, where one style star shoved her windbreaker into a pair of Supreme skivvies.

No matter how you deliver, your body will be changing as much as your ideas about personal hygiene. (Did I brush my teeth today?) It’s not all huge, but if you had a C-section, your scar may worry you. Wondering, “Will I see my C-section scar above my underwear?” You’re
not alone.

In an incredibly informal poll among my friends who’ve had C-sections, all of them worried over their scar, regardless of when the decision was made to have a C-section. If they knew long before they were going to have the procedure, they worried over the type of
incision their doctor would use. If they had an emergency cesarean, they worried over its healing. Most of them also worried whether or not the scar would be visible while they wore a bikini, or if it would show above their panties.
Best of all, getting the look is beyond easy. For a rebellious punk vibe, there’s a distressed Enfants Riches Deprimes tee and a pair of Brooks Brothers boxers to match a Le Kilt plaid skirt. Prefer to go sleeker? Fold a fuchsia Balenciaga tee into Gosha Rubchinskiy boxer briefs and let them pop from chic Loewe cargo pants. Whether you choose boxers or briefs, here are five daring tee-and-underwear pairings to try now.




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