No matter how you deliver, your body will be changing as much as your ideas about personal hygiene. (Did I brush my teeth today?) It’s not all huge, but if you had a C-section, your scar may worry you. Wondering, “Will I see my C-section scar above my underwear?” You’re
not alone.

In an incredibly informal poll among my friends who’ve had C-sections, all of them worried over their scar, regardless of when the decision was made to have a C-section. If they knew long before they were going to have the procedure, they worried over the type of incision their doctor would use. If they had an emergency cesarean, they worried over its healing. Most of them also worried whether or not the scar would be visible while they wore a bikini, or if it would show above their panties.

I know that it can also be a serious issue for men too – but I want to focus on women for this piece – particularly, mothers and older women because we are also not immune.In fact, by the time we have become mothers, and got to our forties and beyond, the world at large thinks we should have our shit together, but body images issues can lie latent in our psyche for years, ready to cut us down at any time.


My post pregnancy stretch marks and loose skin are sometimes all I see. It’s not as debilitating as it is for others, but certainly enough to effect my self esteem and dent my self-confidence.

My rational brain knows not pay any notice to external influences, but as I age, I do have moments, days or weeks when my emotional brain takes over. And the knock on effect can last a while.

I know I am not alone, a lot of my peers feel the same and we certainly long for the days when we were young and we didn’t seem to worry so much about our flaws.Enter lingerie. Don ’t laugh – I know it may seem trivial, but as I recently discovered, paying attention to
what underwear you wear can make a real difference. It is the closest thing we wear to our skin, after all.By picking the right foundation in terms of shape and support to suit and enhance our bodies – which is also vital as we get older – we can feel confident and even
empowered – and that is what emanates from us and is what the world sees, and that has to be a good thing.

A word of advice if you’re planning a destination wedding: Pack your wedding dress and/or tuxedo in your carry-on.

Unfortunately, the groom learned this lesson the hard way. Reddit user Zebidee, a friend of the newly married couple, shared a photo from their Icelandic nuptials to Reddit. “If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don’t fly Delta Air Lines,”
the user wrote. The caption, which accompanies a photo of a woman in a wedding gown kissing a man with a slightly less typical wedding outfit: underwear and a white T-shirt, reads, “This wedding suit courtesy of Delta Airlines.” Yep, the groom was the victim of lost
luggage, leaving him utterly suitless on the big day. At least the gorgeous Icelandic scenery slightly distracts from the unique ensemble choice…

“My friend and her fiancé were on her way to their wedding in Iceland. Their flight from Washington DC was delayed, setting them up for a missed connection in New York,” Zebidee said on Reddit. “They were re-routed via Paris and Berlin, but despite constant contact
with Delta Airlines to make sure their luggage wound up in the right place, the airline washed their hands of the situation.”

Roos says that she has been shamed for posting photos of herself in underwear on her social platform before.“Whenever I post a photo in underwear, there have been those ‘put your clothes on’ comments. This doesn’t occur when I post a photo of me at the beach or in a pool,” she shares. “Some people will look at you differently when you post a picture in underwear. I think that it is overrated. You will almost always see the same amount of skin, so in my opinion it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is for me is the message behind the photo.”

She’s also learned the harsh reality that many people will judge and leave cruel comments on her posts no matter what she wears. “In my experience, there are always people that have the need to leave negative comments,” she says.
But if it has to do with how you’ve healed — perhaps you have a scar that has formed a keloid or the top overlaps a bit — you’re probably going to see it no matter what. But hey, you made an entirely new human being and a doctor nabbed it right from your belly into
the world. That’s pretty cool. I understand why you might feel self-conscious about scars — I know I do — but it’s pretty amazing what you went through to bring your child into this world, and you should be proud.




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