As early as March this year, the target expanded its nude collection, including a wider range of tones for “a more inclusive definition of nudity.”.” Other companies seem to follow suit, including the seamless air of horse racing, which really gives you the color collection, which has five different bare tones.
The so-called seamless air tones of your fidelity, underwear lines (and a bra) include briefs, bikinis, brief, hi cut, and trendy options. Not only the collection of nudity comes from five different shades, but they also feel like heaven, because of its light air like fabric. Only in Messi, you can buy a pair of underwear for $13, or three for $33. Bras are sold separately, priced at $25.

Because the new jockey and other designers commitment, the industry must be in the right direction – although there is a long way to go. For most children, if you select the “naked” crayon perfect organization Pandora’s box, you will find a white, brown, most people use of color in the legs, arms, face, hand – your name. Nudity has only one choice.
Thanks to an awakening of some brands – whether it’s beauty or fashion, the definition of “bare” is not just a specific color.
As early as a month, the footwear brand kahmune came out 10 different shades of bare shoes line. In 2016, the United States introduced basic skin Surat surrealist wand, which is in different shades of up to 15. When it comes to January 2017, Dior has added more shades of Diorskin forever, the general tone of 24, including three different shades of almond and deepen the beige called proline, according to New York Times.
More and more consumers are talking about their needs, and more brands will follow them. Although there are more than five, 10, or even 15 tones of nudity, this is an improved traditional definition of “nude” color. Slowly, the industry will (hopefully) follow.




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