Tighty-whities are male equivalent to grandma panties. These underwears are usually five-piece suits. Tossable. not special. “Bleh.” They were crumpled at the bottom of the basket; between the headboards. They must be a far cry from the pumping elastic boxer briefs or the loose boxers usually found in the high school locker room after football training. A forum called the short film “Upgrading from diapers.” However, nervous things are making a comeback. Just yesterday, underwear appeared on the Gucci Spring 2019 T-stage, printed with the classic letter combination print of the house – not to mention the red seams to outline a vertical flying bag. Other variations of the theme include a black codpiece-cup and a pair of red leather hot pants, all with pale, furry limbs. The pelvic area is further highlighted on a pair of trousers with a green contoured V-shaped silhouette.

This trend indicates that Gucci will undergo major changes. Since last month, when Kim Kardashian West wore an unforgettable Gucci swimsuit from the Tom Ford era in the spring of 1997, the Internet was awkward. , double G metal badge climbed up on her back. When the famous thong appears on the runway for the first time, both women and men can see it. It seems that the sexiest person sees a man walking on the runway like a brazen gunman. Followed by a pair of men’s trousers wearing such tights.

After more than 20 years, the masculine baby is a distant memory. The news of the brand’s current creative director, Alessandro Michel, is loud and clear: his “big” version tends to be a nerd prototype of loose underwear, a Where’s Waldo? Striped sweater, white socks pulled up, and boots for the church.

In other words, underwear is not the most beautiful thing in the world. The annoying connotation is undeniable. Tighty-whities is reminiscent of Walter White, the chemistry teacher who became the agent of Breaking Bad by Bryan Cranston. When he was wearing a pair of drug lords, he had a desert confrontation with a drug lord. According to executive producer Vince Gilligan, the dress decided to come from Cranston himself: “It should be tights, not jockey underwear, because they look stupid, he [White] looks easier Wear them.”

It’s undeniable that the visual effect is just as impossible as the storyline: a 50-year-old dad blocks it with inappropriate underwear. The role of Tom Cruise in risky business is reminiscent of another unforgettable example. The stupid teenager danced alone in his mother’s underwear after his parents went home alone for the first time on a weekend. This is a scene of more than just a boy – not a man, completely hidden in a pair of bleached underwear.

In many ways, those awkward film movements will only make the revenge of this trend more sweet and subversive. Vogue fashion news editor Monica King said: “Tighty-whities have become so cold, linked to unfortunate losers, properly and distorted them until they get cool again, it’s fun,” I also I think I am starting to reconsider this nervous mood. For the men’s wear in the fall of 2018, Kozaburo pulled them to an ultra-high position in an exaggerated way. “Think about it, crazy and charming cowboy.

When you think we are in a time when the moderate Batsheva grassland costumes are all the rage, then a nervous return makes more sense. These days, all the things covered up can be completely attractive. In this case, the underwear is provocative due to its undisguised proportion of out-of-date. No matter which method you choose, packaging it, one thing is clear: the man’s high fashion tights still exist.




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