People want to climb, Snowden is wearing clothes after the juvenile developed, after the low temperature hike up the mountain, just his suit underwear .
An ambulance personnel from Halewood on Merseyside after the 19 year old Nathan French completed the highest mountain climbing 1085 meters but Welsh called at the summit to become ill.
French men climb up in Superman underwear to raise money for the British dementia charity in memory of his grandmother.
After the train pulled down from the top of the mountain, emergency service personnel were asked to take care of it.
Medical staff found that his blood sugar and blood pressure had fallen and he began to suffer from hypothermia.
Llanberis mountain rescue team Miles Hill said the results could be worse.
He said: “although we sympathize with his charitable contributions to a very valuable cause, we will question his plans and perseverance during his days in the mountains.”.”
Hill said, even in the summer, Snowden 10C peak can be colder than Llanberis, in its base village, even in any bad weather factors.
The rescue team posted a 10 – point list on how to avoid the need for help on its Web site, Hill said. He encouraged anyone to think about climbing to read.
“Anyone who walks in the mountains should carry enough equipment, clothes and food to make themselves self-sufficient during the journey, including bad weather changes,” he said.
Even in teenagers, the French can easily be affected by cold as long as they wear the fewest clothes.
“If the train does not run from the peak, the result may be quite different.”. While your Kecks charity is commendable, it’s not a trend we want to see at the beginning.”
Hill pointed out that the Llanberis mountain rescue is also a charity.
He said: “as a team, we are sometimes called to individuals and groups to participate in charitable activities, they are not aware of our own is a charity, our volunteers to send their loved ones to help them stay at home.”
He added: “we hope that Mr. French will soon return to the mountains, perhaps wearing a full suit (shawls optional), not just suit underwear .”

suit underwear
The French, who studied sports, nutrition and health at the University, said, “I managed to climb the mountain, and when I was at the top of the mountain, I could not control my trembling.”
He said: “four lovely ladies” gave him the mountain railway back to the ticket, but when he was on the train, he began to feel sick.
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“I started to go deaf and my sight began to get weird. It was at this point that my father decided to call for help.”
Paramedics met them at the bottom and said that their blood sugar had fallen and showed signs of hypothermia.
The Frenchman said he had received some negative comments from social media since his misfortune in September 9th.
He believes that these are unfair, because he did not rescue, but in the absence of help, down the mountain.
“I’m not more than 20 minutes of nursing. He said I didn’t waste his time at all. He actually saw the humor in it. So I don’t have any money for first aid service.”
He added: “there are guys of my age robbing, taking drugs and violence, and I’m doing some important things there, and I get the hate”
More than 1300 e have been donated to the French website page since he climbed.




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