The sacred ox has a lot of information about men’s suit underwear  . It seems that everyone has something to say about it / them. I know that because I spend a lot of time combing the Internet and understanding men’s underwear. I almost think I’m doing a public / public service, and by organizing all the information, I’m going to narrow down this list to the best of the first 3.
Another surprise to me is that my wife has some definite views on the subject. Fortunately, I wear underwear. I said, fortunately, I know this lingerie style is a perfectly acceptable lingerie style for my wife. It’s important, too. Obviously, I don’t wear white underwear. My underwear – my boxer panties – all blue, black and gray. From many comments on underwear on the Internet, it seems that whiteys is absolutely taboo. I would generally say, in general, it seems that the underwear pack guy observers don’t like the whiteys they’re watching.
I only put my wife’s opinion in because the appearance is part of the underwear equation. But our list focuses on comfort, no matter what kind of underwear you wear.
1. Calvin 2 Pack stretch trunks

suit underwear
The model is named the nearest GQ as the best pair of suit underwear  you can get. Favorite comments, they are, to a large extent, subjective. The main reasons they give them ratings are four: fabric, comfort, and in fact, these stay and they flatter each body type. “It’s not true that seeing Calvin joints makes such a strong performance surprising, because Calvin actually created a comfortable lingerie industry in the past days. These are not underwear; on the contrary, their trunks, like a man boxing short, have only shorter inner seams. There are two things to note: they are a two pack (about $30 in size, I wear), big, second, and they don’t have flies.
2. The American silkcut hip profile

suit underwear
For those who want less cloth, bikini profiles can ride (Tani America just calls the model, “brief,” not bikini brief “). These silkcuts, according to the company, the use of the most sophisticated European needle knitting machine produced by the creation of extraordinary fabrics.” Despite the name, it is not silk, but the company says it is softer, more durable and natural moisture wicking fabric than silk. They use a proprietary fabric, called micro vibrating air, to make (94%) and elastic (6%). They don’t have flies, but they are biodegradable on other models on the list.suit underwear
3.Saxx vibe pants
Saxx calls them modern boxers, but they are, in fact, underpants. They are also unique on other items on the list because of the saxx features inside crotch. It’s built by them, so you can put your “family” in their little suit underwear   section. According to the company’s website, the founder hopes to create a completely frictionless environment. I’ve tried, and frankly, they’re not mine. However, more than 1000 reviews of Amazon, with an average of nearly 4.5. They are 95% viscose, 5% spandex, and they come in an amazing amount of different colors and patterns. And this model is not flying, and Saxx does offer this style, which has a fly.




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