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They have lost the support of the royal family! The bra is suitable for Queen Rigby & Peller was deprived of the champion’s official supplier after the founder told all the Memoirs of the palace accessories

plus size bodystocking

The luxury plus size bodystocking company, which provides plus size bodystocking for the queen, has cancelled its authorization after detailed descriptions of all the books on Royal accessories.

Rigby & Peller 57 years as the royal order, but deprived of support in June, Kenton, into a world leading retailer, wrote a book about her.

The 82 year old stay at the company’s board continued to fit in the bra of the queen of Buckingham Palace even if the Belgian company Van de Velde bought her a majority of 2011.

Her relationship with Queen Elizabeth II ended shortly after her book title storm Sexy – published in March 2016, according to the daily express.

Mrs. Kenton bought Rigby & and 1982 husband Peller, but by 20000 payment, selling her shares for 29 years by 8million.

It was revealed that she lost the Royal Warrant in Tuesday’s company. It has been held for the 1960 time. Since she wrote about the fitting, she introduced her half naked time and accessories in front of her puppy.

She also provided intimate details about Princess Diana, Queen Mother, and princess Margaret.

Mrs. Kenton called herself “in order to promote the book’s leading British boobologist”. “Even the greatest ladies need to support and describe her first 91 year old queen.

She also revealed that Queen Mother told her that Princess Margaret liked to interfere in her choice of hat, but she could always try to walk her own way.

Can I tell you what I do? Queen Mother asks Mrs. Kenton. ” I pretended to listen to Margaret, and once she had gone, I would order what I wanted.

 plus size bodystocking

In the interview, Ms. Kenton revealed that Diana was not only an accessory, but ordered swimsuit design in Israel accepted the poster model in plus size bodystocking and swimsuit Prince William and Harry in Eaton research.

Russell Tanguay, director of the warrant holder Association of the Royal Warrant, confirmed yesterday that British retailers had lost their warrants.

Mr. tangui said that the company was awarded one of its windows, the royal coat of arms, which was won by a company, the queen of Edinburgh, the Duke of Prince, Charles five from the past seven years.

The royal seal must be removed from any publicity material and shop signs.

Mrs. Kenton and her company also give Margaret Thatcher and Joan Collins.

The Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “on the Royal Warrant, we never comment on individual companies.”

Rigby & Peller bra cost more than 100 e, and as expensive plus size bodystocking.




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