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The Royal Pavilion has a place in British culture with its architectural beauty.

But Brandon’s most iconic structure is now likely to take a place in the fashion industry – after it has inspired a series of underwear.

Kitty Daler Finch, a stylish student at the De Montfort University in Leicester, drew a picture of her bra from a class building.

The 21 year old design is very good to put her one month pay in ASOS, one of the largest online clothing retailers in the world.

She said, “I studied the architectural form of the exhibition hall, which is how I get my asymmetric design bra is not symmetrical, but also has an artistic sense.”

Kitty’s position will be at Camden, London’s ASOS headquarters, where she will work in the underwear and pajamas work department.

The students were asked to take out ten weeks for the two equipment suitable for ASOS – and Kitty.
 plus size bodystocking

The commenters praised the designs and said they had “commercial attraction, linked to the trend, have the courage to choose colors, and creatively push the design to another level”.

The suit was designed by two college students from Kitty and was designed with red lace.

Kitty said, “ASOS is a dress I bought and went there. As part of the team, it would be very exciting to see what happened.

“When I was doing this, I really didn’t have a chance to win, it was a hard work.”

The Royal Pavilion at Brighton station grand old Steiner since the nineteenth century.

This is the former royal residence, is established in India Saracenic style.

The building, which is now owned by the City Council in Brighton, is the three stage of development, at the beginning and end of the 1787 construction of 1823.

About 400000 people visit the royal pavilion every year, and now it is listed as a public attraction rather than a private property.

The Museum held the first same-sex marriage in 2014 in the UK.

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