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Shaik it! Lingerie-clad Shanina flaunts her phenomenal figure as she performs a sultry dance for LOVE Advent

plus size bodystocking
She never was afraid to show off her extraordinary figure.

So Shanina Shaik in her element as she deprived the calendar of love on Saturday January 6th Edition.

The 26 year old Australian model shows herself confidently and is sexy in a neon plus size bodystocking suit with a supporting shawl.

Showing her lively assets, Victoria’s Secret model wears a sling coat and provides her cleavage and sideboob.

Her impeccable hue was on display in ABS, and the black hair, with her bra and a pair of tight plus size bodystocking, noticed her thin legs and peaches.

Showing off her best action, the fashion cover girl dances the storm’s iron clips.

“The great thing about a person’s appearance, about work and love, is that they know how to enjoy it,” said Shanina.
plus size bodystocking

The coming calendar is an impudent way to start the holiday season, and I’m honored to be selected by Katie as part of this year.

After Shanina’s muggy clip, she revealed that the plan to marry the fiance DJ Ruckus was later this year, although the hint of the ceremony might be new year’s Eve.

However, when she was on the 2018 phone, the Australian model revealed no secret of the midnight wedding.

She was at a Playboy party in Singapore at a celebrity gathering in Singapore. She took a title, “we’re going to get married this year!”

Shanina and DJ Ruckus’s real name Gregory Andrews – engagement in Bahamas on Boxing Day, 2015.

As a celebration of Christmas together last year, shanina soon commemorates.

Last month, she shared a favorite little story, and she wrote, “I have to say thank you to this special person. He gave me a special Christmas to my family in Australia!

I created a new tradition and a new plus size bodystocking family I love. It was 2015 day, and he continued to “bend the knees” and asked me to marry him.

She was also curious fans in a possible new year’s wedding, she also said that # ‘sooncome’.




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