plus size bodystocking

Now, more and more underwear products by consumers, their requirements and standards for underwear are getting higher and higher, no longer satisfied with the basic shame function, but pay more attention to comfort and beauty degrees, in such a trend , A brand called plus size bodystocking brand successfully captured the hearts of many consumers, what is the product of its own special what?

It is understood that the initial establishment of the plus size bodystocking brand is a unique health route, its product development team has always insisted on the concept of health, the materials used are different from the traditional underwear production materials, such as softness, breathability are better In the cotton 3D upright cotton, cool cooling jade fiber can be adsorbed odor, dehumidification of coffee, carbon fiber, can massage, promote blood circulation magic beads magic massage tablets, developed a “series of seven breathing” health underwear products , Cooling, dehumidification, odor removal, massage, far-infrared heating and other effects by different physical characteristics, different needs of consumers. Tailor-made for different people’s health, comfortable underwear more popular with everyone.

plus size bodystocking

Although now no steel underwear has become the mainstream, but as long ago in the steel underwear is also popular, the underwear brand R & D team began to study without rims plus size bodystocking. After a year of research, the consummate team finally overcome the technical problems. With the five-layer side-closing technology and the soft, breathable and non-deformable 3D erected cotton, it has successfully developed a non-embedding rims and a good wrap force , Supporting power, pulling the underwear, more comfortable, more relaxed, more beautiful, highly respected consumers. And after this, the no-rim underwear has become increasingly popular, it can be said that the boudoir has led a new trend.

In addition, the boudoir products always keep up with the fashion trend, in the tradition of romantic design in Paris, based on the continuous integration of new popular elements, each season’s new products can make people bright, and put it down, by many young women Welcome.

Women’s underwear brand products compared with the traditional underwear, or compared with other brands, have better comfort, beauty, health, and in constant innovation, so that consumers continue to have a new experience, which Should be the reason consumers so loved it.




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