The prison supervision department said that people only came to the prison wearing underwear or pajamas, which is “unacceptable.”

Earlier this year, the Scottish Prisons Inspectorate (HMIPS) inspected the custody unit of the Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court. Although the unit was found to be functioning well, prisoners were observed to appear in court at the police station without wearing clothes.
The HMIPS, led by the new Chief Prosecutor of the prison, Wendy Sinclair-Gibbon, called on the Scottish police to ensure that those from prisons were “properly dressed” on the road and in court.

The regulator said: “It is regrettable to observe that prisoners are removed from the escort in their pajamas, a prisoner is wearing underwear, and a prisoner does not have shoes. People expect to appear in their underwear or pajamas. It is unacceptable in court.”

The prosecutor visited the court in June and found more than 60 detainees arriving from police cells or prisons. The regulators were found to be functioning well, and the “energetic” staff worked very well as a team.

However, when observing the arrival of prisoners in the escort car, it was noted that a female prisoner was wearing pajamas, two prisoners were wearing shorts, one prisoner was wearing underwear and one prisoner was not wearing shoes.

Inspectors also found that providing open urinals in many holding cells did not meet the “basic decent standards” and raised concerns about possible infections.

Their report called for an immediate cessation of the use of urinals.

Scottish Police Commissioner Garry McEwan said: “We have taken note of the report and are keen to work with our partners on these recommendations.

“Scottish police ensure that all persons detained by the police are treated with dignity and respect. All major suites are equipped with other footwear and clothing and provide practical services. All relevant health information is recorded as part of the personal escort record as a prisoner When transferred to G4S for custody, the record is still retained by the prisoner.”

The Scottish Courts and Court Services said: “When the new standards are met, we regularly perform intensive cleaning and repainting as part of our maintenance program. In the rolling plan, the entire indoor urinal of the court is being cancelled. Edinburgh’s The unit provides suitable toilet facilities – proper decent inspection.

“We will continue to work with the Scottish Prisons Authority and HMIPS to consider future changes, to maintain human dignity and the safety, security and welfare of detainees.”…




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