Last week, I stumbled across some stories about used mitumba underwear. According to this story, the sale of mitumba underwear is illegal – but according to what I saw on the hood, the trade of mitumba underwear is alive. Imagine wearing other people’s underwear (especially those that cover the lower part of the anatomy) can be a bit painful and disturbing.

However, a stretched wallet can lead people to fear beyond the wearing of other people’s underwear. This story reminds me of underwear problems in this area.

Many people think that everything should not be discussed, and underwear should be kept – but according to my observation, the main underwear crime we bear is not just buying second-hand underwear.

One of the most special habits we see when buying underwear is the size problem. Most people do as much as they do for accurate measurements of key body parts. Women are particularly notorious when buying bras – some people appear to be unfamiliar with cup size, chest area and sagging factors.

For those who choose smaller sizes, the results are often very disturbing – because we all see poor mothers being crushed into helpless sausage-like structures. In many cases, these poor body parts seem to be making a cry for a small device brought to their owner. Then you have those women who don’t realize that their talent size needs better support to eliminate the interesting shaking and sagging.

In front of a well-dressed, well-dressed woman, she was distracted by seeing her chest facing the center of the earth, which was painful – only because she chose to wear the wrong bra.

All women need to wear the right bra size to get all the blessings and restrictions on the chest – anything else violates the aesthetic rights of others. There are many people who like to question the idea that underwear should remain under a clear line of sight.

These people come in all shapes and sizes, starting with women who like to make sure we see how good (or how bad) their thongs look in the rift at their bottom. What they don’t know is that no matter how beautiful its owner, you can see the rope or thong clipped between a leather. It is perfectly acceptable to make the object of your desire a visual sample of the upcoming good thing – but I don’t think there is any reason why the whole world should know what private performance should be.

Many of us can tolerate seeing women’s underwear in some way, but it is very serious to see male underwear unnecessarily. Most male underwear is fully functional, lacking the lace and ruffles of women’s underwear. Therefore, men have no convincing reason to allow their trousers to hang down to the knees, hoping that some women will feel dizzy when they see their underwear. The only people who can show us their underwear as needed are hip-hop stars, just because they have paid a lot of money to do so, and most of them are so good that they let us forget their pants. Therefore, men who do not fall into this category should completely hide their clothes and not be targeted by the public.

If I don’t talk about cycling shorts, I will hurt this country, which is the most annoying female underwear we see in this world. Cycling shorts have become the mainstay of Kenyan women’s underwear for those who don’t know. I told me reliably that the purpose of cycling shorts is to reduce the circumference, make the panties disappear, and usually make women look more beautiful. In many cases, women choose the wrong size (always smaller size) and hope that cycling shorts will mysteriously let them lose weight. The end result is that all the defects in the female body become more prominent – especially fat and cellulite. Some women do not understand that certain fabrics do not respond well to certain cycling materials.

So when the fabric of their dress meets the fabric of cycling shorts – it will eventually become chaotic – a very scary website. Who in the world can help us understand why some women insist that the world know the color and length of bicycle shorts. Even before we understand that cycling shorts are the fastest and most effective libido killer on earth. Not only do they make women’s bodies look bad, but they also make women’s pleasures completely inaccessible, not to mention the suffocating conditions that the poor must endure when the cycling shorts are held hostage.




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