Today, we must ask you not to put your underwear in the hotel room with a kettle.
We know, we know: you never did. You never thought of doing that. But there are people in the world, so we have to take the time to explain why it’s not a good idea to put your underwear in the hotel kettle.
suit underwear boiling behavior attracted our attention, Gizmodo, who found someone in the social media to ask: “the real question:” I know, anyone clean underwear in the kettle in the travel? ‘
Obviously, this is a matter of people.
We have a quick Google, found in the hotel canteen boil their suit underwear, the people micro-blog some evidence, so, in theory, get rid of all the bacteria, so that their underwear clean, wear a day.
We can see the logic. You want clean pants, you don’t have a washing machine or a washing machine, so you put your pants in a kettle and let the heat kill anything annoying.
But it was a very, very bad idea.
On the one hand, it is dangerous. The risk in the kettle stuff in there should not be put in place will increase overheating and electrical failure, it may eventually break the kettle (explained awkwardly to the receptionist), or make your room is on fire (and even more difficult to explain to the front desk).
Besides, it’s disgusting.

Ask an expert about underwear boiling Gizmodo, they think it’s disgusting.
“It’s super, super, super, super disgusting,” says Dr. Heather Hendrickson, senior lecturer in molecular biology, noting that while boiling kills certain microbes, it doesn’t kill all of them.
Some bacterial spores resist high temperatures. If you touch them, they can damage your health.
Considering that bacteria may persist not only in your underwear, but also in the kettle, which you use to make tea, you can touch something terrible through your genitals and your esophagus. Lovely。
In addition, the hotel’s kettle is communal, in the sense that residents may drink bacteria from your pesky underwear and have left the canker and developed from you to check out.
Of course, your pants may not contain any dangerous bacteria, but why take the risk?
When you cook your underwear on a hotel issue, you will question every cup of tea you pour out of that pot, and you and all future guests. Do you really want the pressure of this responsibility on your back?
Respect. It’s wise. Don’t put your underwear in a hotel kettle, or in your kettle at home.
Just make sure you have enough underwear throughout your stay (we recommend adding three units a day, just in case). If you really cannot but in the case of a pair of inside.
Don’t ruin a good cup of tea experience for someone else in a hotel room.




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