Ah, the hourglass physique. The hourglass form continues to be popular, from 1950s hotties Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield to today’s modern superstar influences. Given that female curves would never completely have to get out of style, it’s no surprise that this is history’s most desired style. But, on the other hand, the contemporary form is a modification of the familiar sensuous shapes shown on celebrities in the past. So here is the dirt on a fresh take on the curvaceous form and how to attain it with shapewear.

The skinny thick (a.k.a. the contemporary hourglass!)

There is no denying that social networking seems to have an impact on the style trend. What is regarded as the ‘perfect body form, in specific? With celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj calling the shots for feminine features, the slim thick (or slim thick) shape has emerged. This post will concentrate on the Black Friday Shapewear Sale you may use to get this trendy take just on curvaceous form.

1.High-waisted Shaper Pants featuring Front Hooks by CoreSculpt™

This tailored belly compressive waisted shaping shorts uses eyelets of varied tightness to curve wherever you want to form while leaving space around the waistline and thigh hemlines to eliminate the muffin impression.

This high-waisted best shapewear for women will instantly slim your hips. In addition, this will assist in flattening love handles because it is built with strong elastic material on the waist region, firm management over your stomach, and is created using strong, flexible cloth on the waist location.

  • Front loops flatter the stomach and create strong tightness.
  • This belly-controlling shapewear won’t slide down your stomach.
  • This female’s mid-thigh slimmers cincher undergarment slims your thighs.
  • This short with a waistline cincher would accentuate your glutes.
  • It is very compact and sturdy, and pleasant to wear daily.

2. Extreme Body Shaper by CoreSculpt™

It isn’t easy to top the perfection in intense precision shapewear. Designed with a completely undetectable suction stretch, this gives a fantastic confidence boost.

This high-compression full body shaper molds your butt and hips by nipping your waistline and lifting your tush, wrapping your arms, and shaping your belly.

  • It’s skin-tight and silkier-than-smooth, tight enough to exhibit compressive impact while flexible and allowing complete body mobility.
  • Your belly will be flattened (even after eating).
  • It emphasizes your contours and shapes your physique.
  • It has a full-body covering. There are no bumps and imperfections.
  • Despite its grasping and tugging abilities, it is surprisingly pleasant to wear for a whole day.

It’s ideal for postnatal or post-liposuction wear. You’ll be happy to learn that it stimulates tissue healing and speeds up total body regeneration.

3. Tummy Control & Butt Lifter by PowerConceal™.

It’s a must-have clothing item for every collection, intended to help you achieve your Ideal Weight. Shapewear is designed to lengthen your chest and make you appear longer and thinner.

It strengthens and smoothes out complex curves, particularly around the stomach, belly, and buttocks.

PowerConceal™ Tummy Control & Butt Lifter
  • The Lycra basis guarantees optimal ventilation and a discreet fit beneath your clothing.
  • The practical design with power-mesh material provides additional coverage for the belly, thighs, and spine.
  • Body contouring for the belly and buttocks to accentuate your posterior corners for a powerful and uplifting impression.
  • Convenient hooks and eye flap.



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