When people think of casual looks, they imagine something simple and basic. Of course, usually, it’s like this, but, sometimes, with the proper accessories mix, it can be so much more. Accessorizing is an important part of making an outfit and it makes the difference between a boring look and a WOW outfit.

If you chose to wear pieces with bold prints, go for simple accessories, but if you chose basic clothes, like a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, you should dare and add more accessories. 

Here you have 10 accessories that are perfect for a casual look.

1. Earrings, both statement, and discreet ones can highlight even the simplest outfit. They highlight the face and draw attention to it.

2. The belt, apart from its basic purpose of accentuating the waistline, is very helpful because it can be worn with almost any garment. Whether you chose a dress, a blouse or a cardigan it will fit wonderfully. You can even add more thin belts if you want to be bolder. 

3. Necklaces. You can choose something simple, minimalist, very easy to wear or you can go for long necklaces, statement necklaces. You can even wear more than one necklace, but be careful not to overload your outfit. 

4. The crowns or headbands are feminine, very chic and they offer an interesting contrast if you add them to an outfit of jeans and a T-shirt. 

5. Bracelets, always in trend, whether they are made out of metal, plastic, or wood. You will not fail with them and if you want to wear more on the same hand, you have to know that this is still in fashion. 

6. The scarf. You have plenty of models and patterns to choose from: with prints, colorful ones, with fringes, plain and you can wear them in a variety of ways: on the back of the neck, unbound, or replacing a necklace or wrapped around the neck. The scarf can also be worn on the head like a turban or you can tie your hair with it.

7. The bag. An essential accessory for both its usefulness and appearance. Pick a crossbody bag or even a bag with a minimalist or geometric design to make your outfit pop more. 

8. The backpack. Don’t be afraid to add it to your wardrobe, it’s a trendy piece that can be matched bot to an outfit made of a T-shirt and trousers, as well as one made of a skirt or a dress. 

9. The shoes. Maybe one of the most important accessories and one that can offer many ways for a look. Sneakers are a great choice for a casual look and they can be classic or with various prints, such as polka dots, flowers, and so on. The platforms are also a great pick, they are comfortable and chic. Pumps or chunky heeled sandals are suitable for any time of the day and will help you be noticed easier.  

10. The hat. Yes, the hat, you’ve read well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with an elegant look, casual outfits can include it as well, especially during the hot seasons when is a must-have.  




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