To be slim and fit is one thing; to be fashionable while slimming down is quite another. You can be fit while not being stylish, but you can always be fashionable while you are yet to be slimmed. It only means that even if you are in the process of losing weight or achieving your desired body shape, you can still look glamorous.

These fashionable waist trainer belts from FeelinGirlDress promise two things: to help you aim for your preferred body figure and to make you look fashionable along the way. Meanwhile, these are the top 5 fashionable waist trainer belts from them.

A simple wrap

Like they always say, simplicity is beauty. You can see the great outcome when you wrap this brown slimming waist trainer around your body. It can serve as an additional fashion detail in your style, especially when you wear a dress with no waist boundary. You can use this as the main garment that draws the line between the upper and lower bodies.

A stylish layer

This Neoprene waist trainer sauna belt is one of the things that most waist trainer vendors love to sell because it easily attracts clients. Aside from its excellent elasticity, this belt is fashionable with its black lining, which can serve as a good layer in your workout attire. It is also effective when you want to sweat more because it has a sauna effect that can burn calories.

A fashionable rainbow

Colors add up to the style of a person. How fashionable would it be if it is more than one color? Yes, FeelinGirlDress also takes note of the fashion sense of their customer; that is also why they offer a wide range of colorful body shapers wholesale

This rainbow waist trainer is perfect for your all-black workout wardrobe because it makes your mood more alive and thus giving you more motivation to do more for your desired body. 

A reflective belt

This reflective waist trainer belt can significantly upgrade your attire, particularly any shapewear bodysuits. This belt creates a futuristic vibe that can lift your mood and boost confidence. Indeed, it levels up your style.

The reflective capability of this belt allows your waist trainer to have more colors without putting too much effort, and it can draw attention without making yourself too loud.

The double-belt upgrade

Two belts in one waist trainer can give you an enjoyable weight-loss journey because this waist trainer not only ensures you great results but also guarantees you a fashionable look. It features two belts, giving way to a tighter waist compression, thus giving you an ideal hourglass figure.

Yes, to be fit and fashionable has a fine line between them, but you can always enjoy both with these top five waist trainer belts from FeelinGirlDress. These are perfect workout companions that can do good in achieving your ideal body shape and also squeeze out the best in you.




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