There are a variety of women’s blouses that you should have in your wardrobe, as they allow you to make assertive combinations for events ranging from informal to elegant.
So, you need to choose shirts that meet the most basic everyday needs. Furthermore, also think about selecting items that serve as a base for combinations with other pieces or that simply make you feel more self-confident and feminine in your own body.

  1. White t-shirt, a versatile classic
    It symbolizes a timeless classic that goes with everything. You can wear it together with jeans to go to the library or perhaps with a long skirt to visit a museum. It is an item that can be adapted for leisure, work, and even parties. As they are versatile, think about investing in quality fabrics that can be part of your wardrobe for a considerable time. So, choose versions in linen, cotton, or perhaps even polyester and viscose. You can choose a T-shirt, another oversized version, with a round collar or V-neck.
  2. Button-down shirt for a chic look
    The button-down t-shirt adds a touch of sophistication to your look. Don’t think that it is only used by female entrepreneurs. It’s welcome when paired with a more formal third piece like a blazer, but it also creates an effortlessly chic look when worn under a skirt, with trousers, or tied up. Thinking of a more casual style, it even becomes a beach cover-up when worn over a swimsuit or bikini and with the buttons open.
  3. Neutral colors are essential
    You can invest in a palette with your favorite colors, but first invest in neutral-colored t-shirts, as they are essential for building a smart closet. Therefore, if you have already invested in the classic white t-shirt, you can add a black, gray, and even beige one or one that comes with easy-to-combine tones.
  1. Prints create more expressive styles
    As we have seen, plain and neutral T-shirts should be the base. Once the structure of your closet is ready, you can start exploring prints that are meaningful to create style and express your personality. A version with batwing sleeves and black stripes can create a simple look with great taste. Use the stripes according to your purpose. So, remember that horizontal lines lengthen your silhouette, while vertical lines slim your shape. Other than that, there are other types of prints such as florals that can help create a more romantic look. Animal prints add a touch of boldness and can be represented by animals such as jaguars, leopards, and zebras.
  2. Sweater to keep warm on cold days
    A sweater is necessary to efficiently compose your collection, as every woman needs a t-shirt that can keep warm and provide comfort during the process. But besides that, you can also choose according to your style. A cardigan can be open or closed, perfect for more informal occasions. Knitting and wool are timeless and warm more efficiently, making them perfect for winter.

6. Crop top for a cool look on hot days
They are perfect for hotter summer days and come in many versions. But they can also be used as a base in seasons like spring and combined with a jacket. There are more elastic pieces that provide double comfort. Additionally, you can invest in a strapless, one-shoulder top, with an asymmetrical cut, tank top style, thin straps, and a high neck. If you’re going out at night, a crop top with long puffed sleeves becomes very elegant worn with high-waisted pants and block heels.




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