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Home security video showing repairman checking children’s underwear

A video from a home security camera showed that two young girls’ Playa Vista parents, Jason Cooper, were shocked.

A repairman had signed a contract to repair the scratches on the floor and saw the dirty clothes in the children’s bedroom.

“I saw him put his hands in their baskets and picked up their clothes. Once I saw him put things in his pocket in the video. It looks like this is my daughter’s underwear,” Jason Cooper said.

The repairman walked back and forth from his work area to the other side of the room, where there was a basket. Cooper said the activity became more suspicious when the worker turned away from the camera and lifted his clothes to his face.

“You see him turning around and putting the underwear in the basket. You will see his last big breath before he can do this.”

Cooper and his family just moved into the house. The security camera is activated one hour before the worker arrives. The worker signed a contract with the moving company to repair any floor or furniture damaged in the move.

Witnesses’ news tried to contact workers. So far, we have not received a response. But Cooper arrived at him and discussed the video with him.

“He tried to say something, but to be honest, I don’t want to hear what he said. I don’t care what he said,” Cooper said.

Cooper submitted a report to the Los Angeles Police Department. In addition to stealing an underwear, it is uncertain whether or not to commit any crime. If workers have a criminal record, it is more important to Cooper.

Particularly disturbing is that Cooper is at home when the repairman is working. A few steps away, there is no war.

“From now on, I can tell you that my wife and I will never let anyone enter the house without us standing by them until they leave.”

Home security video showing repairman checking children's underwear | Uncategorized

Underwear banner: Kavanaugh time photos show DKE hijinks

In a letter to the leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 30, the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ’87 LAW ’90 female university student confirmed the judge’s respect for women and praised her character at Yale University and the woman. Support for athletics.

But in the first year of college, Kavanaugh joined a group that was notorious for not respecting women: the campus branch of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Brotherhood.

A photo from the Yale Daily News on January 18, 1985 shows that Kavanaugh’s brotherhood brothers waved a flag made of women’s underwear as part of the DKE team’s parade through the Yale campus. Kavanaugh did not appear in the photo. However, since California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford tried to sexually assault her explosive allegations in a high school party nearly 40 years ago, the subsequent portrait of disrespect for women seems to It is worth noting.

In the 1985 photo, DKE promised – “known as ‘buttholes’,” according to the title – waving flags of underwear and blowing cowhide when marching outside the Woodbridge Hall at Yale University Central Administration Building. At that time, the university president Bartlett Giamatti himself was also a former DKE brother.

Although today’s flag looks shocking, this photo appeared under the heading “DKE AT PLAY” in 1985. In this case, Kavanaugh — not in the photo — is a sophomore and has been elected to the Brotherhood.

Three days later, Yale University student Rachel Eisler wrote in a letter to the editor of the news that DKE’s vow was “demeaning women”. She wrote that she received one of the promises with a flag and asked if there were any briefings. Or stick jockstraps on the pole. “Well, I didn’t succeed,” the letter responded. Then he said that he suspected that any “man’s stuff” would be woven into a banner.

According to the letter, he said to the female student: “But, hey,” “‘Your underwear may be here!”

Steve Gallo ’88, a member of DKE’s 1985 commitment class, said on Wednesday that the banner “is just someone’s stupid idea” and underwear is “both sides agree.”

During the Brotherhood’s Commitment Week, he recalled that the seniors of the Brotherhood would send new employees “to talk to Ms. Yale on their behalf.” He said that occasionally, the DKE Brothers sent new people to participate in the “scavenger hunting” event. . Find specific items on campus.

“Promise may ask women they know for help – or maybe the one who sent them knows – to complete the items on the list,” Gallo said. “I am almost certain that any women’s underwear will come from… Women know that they are willing to donate at will.”

But when commenting on the YaleWomen Facebook page, Kavanaugh’s classmate Jennifer Lew ’87 recalls that the DKE Brothers searched women’s rooms in the classroom to collect underwear. Another alumnus, Julie Klein ’87, described DKE as “Animal House.”

In addition to DKE, Kavanaugh is also a truth and courage, one of Yale’s secret society for the elderly. Among some students, the all-men’s club, popular with athletes, is known for its nickname “Tit and Clit.”

In early 2010, truth and courage failed. But since Kavanaugh graduated in 1987, DKE’s reputation for abusing women at Yale has only grown. In 2011, Yale University banned DKE from going on campus for five years. Later, at the entrance of the University Women’s Center, the “Brothers of the Brothers” was broadcast, shouting “Never, it means anus.”

This spring, Yale University’s daily news and business insiders reported on sexual assault charges against more than 60 members, including the former president of the Brotherhood, and the university conducted a survey of the climate of the Brotherhood.

Kavanaugh didn’t seem to be talking about his time at DKE. But in a speech at the 2014 Federalist Association of Yale Law School, he described “falling at the steps in front of Yale Law School at around 4:45 am” and jumping through a night bar in Boston. After that, part of the transcripts based on the speeches given by Jones’ mother.

Not everyone in Yale University in the 1980s remembered that DKE was wild and disgusted with women. Sam Chauncey ’57, who has long served as president of Yale University, said this summer that “in the Kavanaugh era, DKE was very docile.”

But “taming” was not the idea that Eisler saw the DKE flag in 1985.

“I was totally shocked that something similar happened at Yale,” Eisler recalls, writing to the editor and now working as a high school English teacher in Maryland.

She said: “Even if I describe them talking to them, I am out of incredible demands.”

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Victoria’s Secret sells women’s underwear, but has been marketing to men

Victoria’s Secret sells women’s underwear, but the target demographic for its marketing is men.

The L Brands Inc. LB, +3.97% lingerie chain has faced a host of problems in recent quarters that are affecting sales and same-store sales. It’s also facing increased competition from large companies like American Eagle Outfitters Inc.’s AEO, +0.00% Aerie brand and Urban Outfitters Inc. URBN, +1.14% , and changing tastes, with bralettes coming into fashion.

In recent weeks, L Brands has cut its full-year guidance and has announced that it will shutter its luxury department store chain, Henri Bendel, including the website.

MarketWatch reached out to L Brands for comment, and will update this story with any response.

Shares are down nearly 51% for the year so far while the SPDR S&P Retail ETF XRT, +0.37% has gained 13.8%, the Amplify Online Retail ETF IBUY, +0.79% has gained 29.6%, and the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.54% has rallied 8.6%.

Executives from online women’s underwear sellers that MarketWatch spoke with say they are finding success and snapping up share with a different approach: offering women product benefits and marketing messages that have been part of the men’s underwear business for ages. Comfort and performance are at the heart of what these companies are selling, and the message resonates with modern, busy women of all shapes and sizes.

Younger women, they say, are opening the door to this new way of selling women’s underwear.

“When you look at Victoria’s Secret marketing, they continue to do the runway show,” said Catalina Girald, founder of Naja, a socially-conscious lingerie brand aimed at millennials. The Victoria’s Secret Runway Show used to be marketing gold for the brand. Lately, ratings have slipped.

“That’s not what the customer wants to see,” said Girald. “If you go back, underwear was a functional garment. It was meant to hold you up. It wasn’t meant to be a sexual thing.”

Naja is one of a number of women’s underwear brands that have launched in recent years. It shares a few features with other companies that have popped up: they are run by women (L Brands’ CEO is a man, Leslie Wexner), they emphasize inclusion in their sizing and marketing, and they treat women’s underwear as a personal, everyday fashion issue rather than just a tool of seduction.

Girald says “performance-oriented” items made with cotton and synthetic fibers are on-trend as they provide sweat-wicking and structure without the use of underwires.

“We’ve seen a sharp drop in thong sales,” she said, noting that they’re worn to eliminate panty lines, but also because they’re sexy. “We’ve taken them off the site. What most women want today is comfort.”

Trend experts at WGSN back up what Girald and others in the industry are saying. They identify two key movements impacting the lingerie business: comfort and body positivity.

“Comfort has become an integral element of lingerie design,” said Jo Lynch, lingerie editor at WGSN. “Soft bralettes and sports inspired bras continue to grow in popularity and consumers have become more conscious of the restrictive feel of underwires, padding and structured silhouettes.”

And one need only look at the recent Savage X Fenty runway show during New York Fashion Week to see just how far the body-positive movement has come. Launched by pop singer Rihanna, the show featured two pregnant models and was cheered on social media.

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Charge: The man broke into the house and stole the lady’s bra, underwear

long sleeve tops womens

A Lichfield man was guilty of felony burglary after being caught by a camera stealing underwear from a woman’s laundry room.

According to a criminal lawsuit filed in Mick County, 65-year-old Wayne Scott Christie was accused of breaking into a woman’s home in the 700th block of North Marshall Street in Lichfield, stealing a pair of underwear and a bra and then returning it.

The homeowner seized the security camera and told the police that she left the town on July 27 to go camping and returned on July 29. She reviewed her surveillance video and saw unwelcome men entering her home twice.

According to the complaint, this shot shows that Christie’s entered her home on July 28 and then left before noon. On the same day, he came back at about 1:51 am, went back to the laundry room, and left the house in a minute.

For the first time, he wore a dark shirt with “shiny shorts” and a second shirt with the same shorts for the second time.
It is unclear what he did to the bra and underwear when he died, but the woman provided the stolen clothes as evidence to the police.

Christie faces accusations of secondary burglary, felony and misdemeanor theft.

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Major participants in the underwear market, product and production information analysis and forecasting until 2022

The report contains all the information needed for the development of the underwear market. Including market, scale, demand and future market conditions, these will help improve the market prospects. It also includes the most important players, apps, types and given numbers.

The Underwear Market Report also covers all regions and countries in the world. They show the state of the region, including business overview, introduction, and profit. The report provides forecasts. The underwear market report has maintained relatively optimistic growth over the past few years.

The goal of the study is to identify important parts of the market and competitors in terms of market size, quantity and value. With the slowdown in world economic growth, the underwear industry has also been affected, but it has maintained relatively optimistic growth over the past four years.

The size of the underwear market maintained an average annual growth rate of 3.37%, from 79.88 million US dollars in 2014 to 882.35 million US dollars in 2017. Analysts in this report believe that the size of the underwear market will further expand in the next few years, we expect to 2022 The market size of underwear will reach 10.112 million US dollars.

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After the Charleston woman was arrested, the 6-year-old daughter found no pants, underwear

A mother was arrested after being found in the street without children with pants or underwear.

According to court documents, Jennifer Ross, a 32-year-old Charleston, was accused of neglecting children and posing a risk of injury.

According to Charleston police, a child wanders the streets without any pants or underwear.

After finding the 6-year-old child, Ross allowed the police to look at her home. They said they found rubbish, used diapers with bugs, a sink filled with dishes, a bowl of broken glass, around There are bugs flying around. A toilet filled the top with rubbish.

The police said that they did not have running water at home.

The police also said that the bed was on the floor, there was rubbish around, and there was a knife near the bed of a 6-year-old child.

Ross has a bail of $1,500 in a prison in the South Central Region.

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He answered the door in his underwear. He said that the Topeka police broke into the gun.

He said in a Facebook video that David Reynolds was taking classes and washing his dog before the Topeka police broke into his home. But when Reynolds – only wearing underwear – slammed the door shut, the police marched forward, holding the gun and handcuffing him.

Topeka police received a man’s hand-held rifle for the first time around 11 am on Wednesday, the department said in a statement issued to Facebook after 5 pm.

The police said: “Callers tell us that they think that men and women have violent disputes and pose a threat to her.” “The caller then specified the apartment in progress. Then the caller said they could hear the knock on the door and Walls and say they are worried about their safety.”

When the police officers arrived at the scene, they tapped the apartment door described by the caller. The police said an insider answered the door while wearing underwear and latex gloves, refused to answer questions and closed the door.

“Because of fear of women’s safety, the police forced the entry. The purpose was to check if the woman was injured or needed help,” the police said. “In an emergency such as this, if the police officer has a reasonable belief that someone may be in an emergency state of danger, there is no need for a search warrant.”

The police said that during the detention of the person, the police searched the house to see if anyone was injured. After the official did not find anyone else, he was released. After the apartment manager was summoned to the door, the police left.

“So I went home during the class, washed my dog, I suddenly heard the knock on the door, I asked who it was, didn’t answer, so I opened the door, there are two Topeka police with AR-15 lottery and AIMED department The official told me to go outside, I replied ‘(cursed) no’ because 1. I did not make a mistake, and 2. I was wearing underwear, because washing my dog ​​became messy,” Reynolds said in a Facebook post.

“So I slammed the door. They broke it,” Reynolds continued. “Tell me to stand up, handcuff me, drag me to the living room. Then tell me they got a call for ‘Hispanic male with AK-47’. ‘…I didn’t make a mistake. I am in my own home! Wash my dog! They messed up my door and there is hardly any evidence that I have done something wrong!”

Reynolds’ video was released at 12:23 pm. And got about 100,000 views in about 5 hours. Among them, he asked an officer why, in the absence of an arrest warrant, “My front door had four police officers carrying the AR-15 and knocking them down.”

“Well, are you ready to let me answer?” the official in the video asked before he was interrupted. About a minute later, the official said that under normal circumstances, the police needed a warrant to force them into the house – but in an emergency they did not need an arrest warrant.

After yelling at the officers, Reynolds asked for their name and badge number.

“Someone called them and said they saw a Hispanic man with an AK-47,” he said in the video. “They came to my door, took my door down, put on handcuffs, and didn’t have an arrest warrant. Yes, the name and the badge number. If this is the case, I will die in my apartment because there is nothing wrong with it. Anything. Thank you, now I get from my apartment (curse).”

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I have tried the new line of women’s underwear from the popular sportswear company Athleta – it has a lot of difference in comfort during exercise.

long sleeve tops womens

No one likes to wear uncomfortable underwear, but this discomfort is not as horrible as when you exercise. Even if you think that these shoes are suitable for everyday wear, the feeling will change quickly when you move your body to different angles and speeds in the gym or studio.

Athleta has created a new Performance Underwear collection, and anyone who has an active lifestyle wants to stock in her drawer instead of letting this small piece of fabric take you from the temper to the yoga process or the fastest one. mile.

The collection is made up of three different fabrics – Incognita, Performa and Natura – each fabric is optimized for different types of activities. Incognita is best for yoga and Pilates, Performa for high-intensity workouts, and Natura for everyday wear.

Women wearing specific sports bras, tights, shorts, tops and shoes, optimized for specific activities, are surprising and therefore very popular. Athleta is one of the few mainstream sportswear brands offering performance-oriented underwear.

I have tried my comfortable underwear, but I still often find that I want it to be lighter, more hygroscopic, and less invasive when I exercise. If you run, lift, spin or basically engage in any intense activity, and your sweating and heart rate are rising, Performa underwear is what you should wear under your clothes. Designed in bikini or thong style, this slightly stretchy undergarment is made from sweat-wicking, quick-drying and lightweight mesh nylon. Although it feels ultra-light, the glued seams keep it safe and close to your body, so you don’t have to interrupt your workout to re-adjust your underwear.

For yogis, Incognita underwear is my favorite underwear, because its free-cut edge makes it almost invisible under yoga tights and tights. Again, it’s lightweight, sweat-absorbent, but has a unique central back seam to prevent it from slipping when you change posture. Incognita fabrics are available in high waist, bikini and thong styles.

Finally, Athleta combines 100% organic cotton with an inconspicuous lace pattern to make it soft, elastic, and seamless Natura bikini and thong. The comfortable Natura style is ideal for routine, low-impact activities (such as walking) that you perform outside of your workout. Wearing Natura underwear to work, going home on weekends, or participating in social activities will not feel incompatible.

My experience with Athleta high-performance underwear has convinced me that more fitness brands should create underwear for an active lifestyle and match existing shorts and tights. The idea of ​​”performance underwear” didn’t make sense before I actually tried it. Now, when I know that I need a distracted workout, Athleta is my first goal. This is a simple but immediately noticeable switch.

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The underwear brand’s groundbreaking NYFW show star is a full-fledged model actor who proudly presents their stuff in a very slim style design – including YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous

floral semi formal dresses

A designer staged a groundbreaking performance at New York Fashion Week, including a full-reform model.

Underwear brand Marco Marco hosted the Fashion Week show on Saturday and showed 34 transgender models on its runway, including YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous, 26 years old.

Trace Lysette, a 30-year-old transparent star, is also on the catwalk with Dominique Jackson and Angelica Ross, both stars of the FX series Pose.

Gigi is wearing a metallic pink mini skirt with a black top and short mesh sleeves that look sensational.

When she walked on the runway on a pair of gleaming Louboutin platforms, she showed confidence that her usual blond hair was dyed in pale green.

Trace mimics pink and black trousers with Marco Marco’s name at the waist, with a shiny pink top and jacket, black, turquoise and pink.

The actress is very happy to be able to participate in her first fashion show, thanks to the brand on Twitter and praise the brand including her.

“At 36-26-40, I have never been a model industry standard, I don’t want to be,” Trace wrote. ‘I like my thickness. Thanks Marco Marco for embracing all types of beauty.

At the same time, Dominic mimicked a pure low-cut black dress and a spectacular black cloak with a fuchsia lining.

Angelica wears metallic, bright blue mini skirts and a fuzzy black top, both with holographic belts.

The 39-year-old designer Marco Morante sees his show as an opportunity to highlight and celebrate transgender beauty.

“Although there have always been transgender and non-dualities in my program, I am obviously aware that their presence is often dragged down by gay men or sero-lesbians,” he told Mic.

“I want to create a space to celebrate trans-style. This is an undeniable opportunity for their existence and emphasizes trans-sexual beauty.

bandage bodycon dress

Carmen Carrera, Geena Rocero, Aydian Dowling, Arisce Wanzer and Laith Ashley are also actors who go to Marco Marco.

“In the past fashion season, people are doing the necessary conversations, including symbolism,” Geena, model and transgender advocate told Mic. “But the real tea is that trans is not a trend; it is life, beauty and strength.

Rice called the show a “historic moment” and added: “Many people have never done this before, they show so much confidence, unity and courage.

“Marc always has a diverse show, and there is a full range of cross-displays, all of whom are of different ages, sizes, backgrounds, colors and identities across the umbrella.”

The 46-year-old Laverne Cox praised the show in a touching Instagram post.

The actress created the #TransIsBeautiful tag three years ago to celebrate the transgender beauty, and one of the sports she saw was reflected in Marco’s show.

She wrote: “Three years ago, when I started #TransIsBeautiful, I hope it will be a way for transgender people to celebrate what makes us unique and beautiful.”

“It’s not about how we look at us, but about celebrating those unique and beautiful things.

‘#marcomarcoshow featured an actor or all trans models last night and felt like another realization of the empowerment of trans beauty. This label is for celebration and production.

“Thanks to all those who have used this label for their own and the other. Congratulations to everyone on the historic Marco Marco show last night.

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Cara Delevingne&PRETTYMUCH Stripped PUMA Underwear

ladies long sleeve tops

PUMA teamed up with models Cara Delevingne and PRETTYMUCH to launch its AW18 PUMA Bodywear collection.

The five-man band, created by a 2018 artist, filmed the film with Cara and PUMA in Los Angeles. All of these are designed in PUMA underwear to show how to wear these casual styles.

PRETTYMUCH is wearing a new collection of PUMA men’s boxers. The PUMA Lifestyle Bodywear collection is a new line of high-quality lingerie made from ultra-soft and luxurious fabric for ultimate comfort and breathability. The belt features an emblematic PUMA logo on the belt.

Cara wears a mix of PUMA ladies Bodywear collections – including deep V bras and high-leg shorts, Racerback bras and mini shorts and bras and bikinis.