Buying cheapest underwear for your partner or girlfriend can be a fantastic experience and her reaction can be priceless but one of the key things that you must consider when buying underwear is the colour. There are a number of key things you need to consider when choosing the right colour and in this article we are going to look at some of the issues.

Issue 1. Does the Colour Match her complexion and features?

It seems strange to consider this issue on first glance but it is something that must be looked at or you maybe buying her an item she will never wear. So lets look at this…

If your partner has red hair and she is caucasian then it is worth considering not to purchase items that are either red or pink. The most appropriate colour for her for intimate apparel would be something like a grey, black or even a blue. Another colour to avoid would be green. If you consider a red haired lady wearing a green bra and panty set, you would consider she looks more like a Christmas tree.

Many women love a tan and this can also present a problem for partners buying underwear. If you partner has a tan then it is advisable to stay away from the colours black or white as it can make the wearer look as though they have zebra stripes. In this case choose a colour like red, pink, blue or green.

Issue 2. Does the Colour Suit her Clothes

There is no point in buying your partner underwear that doesn’t suit the cheapest underwear that she has in her wardrobe. For example, if your partner wears a lot of white slacks or shorts then there is no point in buying black underwear as no lady wants her underwear to be shown.

In this case it would be more appropriate for you to buy underwear that is a light colour such as white. Well really, the only appropriate colour is white for white clothes but you get the point.

Issue 3. What is Her Favourite Colour

The other issue to consider is what her favourite colour is. For example, I have found that many women hate the colour green but love colours like blue, purple, grey or the traditional favourites of black and white. So buying her underwear that is green will probably just lead to your own disappointment and hers.

The secret to choosing the right colour for her is to check out her underwear draws. See what colour dominates her wardrobe and then buy her underwear in those colours. Remember one thing always have fun when undertaking this journey.




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