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I am a fashion editor and I am responsible for underwear, so I can see a wide variety of women’s underwear on my desk – bras, corsets, tights and other underwear. This is not uncommon.

The brand sent me their products for review (this is a huge job), so I can confidently say that I have tested a lot of products. Despite my professional expertise, my own private underwear drawers are cruel and cruel, urgently needed to organize, and beyond the works I have never touched. (Which of the “special occasions” items you got at the right time? Yes, they just took up space.) Every morning I was looking for the special pair that I really like, which needs to be rummaged through my collection. confusion. This is not an ideal routine.

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Then, about six months ago, everything changed: delivery from the French traditional lingerie brand Chantelle, including the Soft Stretch 2.0 bikini sample, followed by the new version of the Soft Stretch series. I usually don’t get excited about such things.

I tried a lot of underwear in my days, and few people like a relatively simple monochrome underwear surprised me. But this is different. Do you know the commercial advertisements for these allergy drugs, when a person can finally breathe and see again after suffering from itching and congestion? This is my attempt at this underwear.

Chantelle’s Soft Stretch collection features thongs, sleek, bikini and high-rise briefs, including black, white and nude, as well as blue, pink and grey. They retail for $18 per pair and are sold for $75 or $5 for $75. The same stunning soft stretch-knit fabrics include vests, crop tops and tights.

What distinguishes the Soft Stretch 2.0 series from the other underwear I come across is the way the fabric grips your body without losing its elasticity – I immediately noticed that the seamless material is bonded, which means it It is flexible and has a better waistband appearance and leg openings as a whole, rather than laser cutting; in addition, it does not slide up and down, nor wear, which is another problem I often encounter.

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Before I found this line, I had special underwear for all occasions: moisture wicking during exercise, regular cotton change every day, carefree clothes and so on. Frankly speaking, this is exhausting. This part of my equipment, you can’t even see it, it takes too much brain power. But with Chantelle’s Soft Stretch 2.0 bikini, I don’t have to think about changing underwear – they’re all integrated: the July fitness class is breathable and quick-drying, lightweight, comfortable enough and actionable all day, and smooth enough to avoid Panties line.

Since I first met Chantelle’s Soft Stretch 2.0, I have ordered 15 pairs of bikini briefs and have abandoned most of my existing lingerie collections. More importantly, I vowed never to endure the underestimation. This is a small matter, people.




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