As consumers we spend a lot of money on cheapest underwear every year. Some garments are made to just throw in the washing machine at home and these are the easiest to care for. If you want any of your clothes, fine or not, expensive or not, to last as long as they can and look good for as long as they can, there are certain things you must do for all of them in order to be able to wear them for years. From expensive suits for men to delicate lingerie for women, they all have special needs if you want them to last.

Of course, there are many garments like suits, coats and sweaters that come with the dry cleaning only tags. These kinds of items must be dry cleaned because washing them in a regular at home machine could damage them beyond repair. They might easily shrink or lose their shape. Find a good dry cleaner that you can trust to care for your garments as you would. Always read the damage policies for the dry cleaning business that you use. Always go over the garments you bring in to be cleaned so if any get lost you will have no questions to how many you brought in. When a dry cleanable garment has a particular stain, make sure you show it to them and see what the chances are that they will be able to remove it.

Other garments can be much easier to care for at home, but even things made from cotton or other materials can get stains on them that can be hard to remove. Always keep some laundry treatment so you can use it on spots and spills on clothes before you wash it. Always check you garment labels for washing instructions and follow them correctly. Use the right water temperature setting and never use chlorine bleach n anything except for solid whites. Even then you should use it sparingly because it can eat holes in the fabric or cause it to have a yellow tinge instead of the crisp white you want.

Other items like delicate lingerie, underwear or certain sweaters might require hand washing if not dry cleaning. If you wash them at home, use the bathtub or a sink and allow them to soak. Treat any stains before hand. Soaking will help to remove odor and light dirt without much scrubbing or wringing. Some items like sweater should not be wrung out because it can cause the shape to be disfigured. Gently squeeze the excess water from garments like those and lie them flat to dry.




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