Finding the Right Styles and Make Your Body Look Exquisite in any Clothes

Sometimes we overlook one of the most important parts of dressing everyday – the items that go underneath our clothes. The right lingerie is vital to a woman’s look, and can ruin the line of the perfect most comfortable underwear you spent so much effort and expense putting together. We put a lot of thought and care into our wardrobe and it needs to be extended to our undergarments as well. For a woman to truly look and feel her best, then her lingerie should exude the same.

Bra: It is All about the Shape. The right size will dramatically affect how clothing fits you, as well as how you fit your clothing. Too many times we see lumps and bumps protruding where they shouldn’t under our clothes, and it’s important to seek out someone to assist with the best fit. Be certain that the straps of the bra are not cutting into your shoulders or causing the dreaded “back fat” to be seen. The cups should fit smoothly across the breasts, without any gapping or hangover. Breasts should fill the cups without spilling over or pushing out in the arm area. This is very important if you wear knit clothes. The strap in the back should not ride up. Being fitted is important to know your general size, but it can vary between brands, which makes trying on essential. Don’t just assume your size when using different labels.

Just like you own several shirts for various occasions, you will need bras to suit your wardrobe needs. A molded t-shirt bra disappears under fitted shirts and hides the dreaded nipple effect. Racer back bras and strapless convertible bras disappear under their respective tops – unlike the movie “Sex And The City”, it is not professional or classy to see those straps hanging out.

Visible panty lines are a disease for many, and with today’s fabric technology do not have to show. Owning underwear that fits is just as important as the bra. Boyshorts, low-cut briefs, and thongs disappear under the slightest of fabrics and give you that smooth line in back. Be sure that no one can see the back of your thong when you bend over – it kills the illusion you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Hanky Panky makes incredibly comfortable thongs.

Shapewear is as important to your most comfortable underwear collection as anything. Spanx is the leader in hiding tummies, thighs, and rears as it offers a comprehensive line of products. It will transform your look in an instant and make those hard-to-wear items fit perfectly. No one has to know how you did it!




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