In a few weeks, you are going to potty train your son. You have already conquered your hesitance and decided to pursue the potty training no matter how tough it seems. That’s a good sign, new parent! It can actually be a fun activity, depending on your chosen method of approach. With proper knowledge and effective training techniques, you will definitely succeed in potty training your son.

Potty Training Pants for Boys

Are you ready to shop for some cheapest underwear for boys? Here’s the truth: you will never get rid of accidents during potty training. Accidents will definitely occur, and all you can do is make some necessary preparations for it. The toughest thing you should do is to prepare to clean a considerable amount of mess. Do you want to avoid a lot of cleaning? It is possible to do so, and it may depend on the type of training pants that your son will use.

Meanwhile, if your main concern is to make your son learn fast while saving money, you may want him to use regular undies.

Training Pants vs. Regular Undies

Below are the different types of training pants:

Disposable Training Pants

Not only will you avoid cleaning a lot of mess if your son wears disposable training pants; you will also prevent the inconvenience of washing a lot. Using disposable training pants may not be budget-friendly, but it may be ideal for initial stages of potty training until your son starts to learn.

Reusable Training Pants

Compared to disposable ones, this are more affordable and practical to use.

· Waterproof: It contains a waterproof outer layer, and an inner layer that has the capacity to hold an ample amount of water for a long time.

· Non-waterproof: It is similar to regular undies. However, it contains an extra thick middle part for water absorption. Unlike waterproof training pants, it doesn’t have a water-resistant outer layer and it can only hold a smaller amount of water.

Meanwhile, using regular undies may also be a wise option, no matter how inconvenient it may seem. It is a given fact that regular undies don’t have the capacity to hold water; hence you would have a messy training if you choose to use them. However, using regular undies can give a priceless advantage to you and your child. For your child, he will detect accidents easier if he uses regular underwear; and will in turn learn about the proper area to pee and poop. The learning happens faster if your son wears regular underwear. On your end, you will learn to be a more responsible and patient parent, considering the extra tough cleaning activity that you have to do.

Choosing one for your son depends on these things: your personal preference, and the level of maturity on both parties. If you think that you and you son are capable of doing the training with the use of regular undies, then go for it. However, remember that you have other options too. Potty training is not supposed to be stressful; hence you better do everything you can to make it enjoyable. But of course, you have the freedom to decide. Shop for training pants for boys, or pick the cutest regular undies? It’s your choice.




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