We asked lingerie experts to weigh in on common undie issues and how to fix them. Now you can say goodbye to your panty problems for good!

You think you’re looking smoking in that body-con dress, clingy skirts, or fitted pair of pants, then you catch a glimpse at your tush as you walk out the door. Oh, the dreaded VPL! The solution is a seamless thong that’s undetectable no matter what you wear over
it, says Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle. She recommends the company’s Estelle Thong. “It has a scalloped-edged back and thin microfiber front, so it lays flat against the body,” says Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle. If thongs aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s still a solution for you. “Sometimes, bigger is better,” says Larissa King, Senior Designer at Hanky Panky. “Full-cut briefs with low leg openings are practically invisible under clothes,” says Larissa King, senior designer at Hanky Panky. Look for a pair in which the front leg opening sits in the natural crease, between your hip and leg, and the back leg sits fully under your bum. Try: Chantelle Soft Stretch Seamless Full Brief or Hanky Panky Signature Lace Betty Brief. Once you get your undies under control, you’ll want to avoid these common bra mistakes, too.

Like everything else that was cool in the ‘90s, bodysuits are in the middle of a huge resurgence. ASOS sells them by the two-pack for around 30 bucks, while most luxury shops stock at least a few basic styles by brands like Wolford, Protagonist, or Khaite for upwards of $250.

At Racked, most of us can agree on the function of a bodysuit — they’re the easiest way to create a smooth, unfussy, tucked-in silhouette. But we’re 50/50 split on the garment ’s bottom half. To be specific: Should it be a thong, or should it absolutely not be a thong? Can a bodysuit serve the same smoothing purpose with full-coverage bottoms? And are thongs made even more uncomfortable by having a shirt attached?

Waistband cuts into your mid sectionThe best way to avoid having elastic cut into your hips is to avoid panties with heavy elastic trims. Opt for styles with wider waist bands or those that sit higher on the waist, which will help contain more of the midsection instead of cutting into it. Try: Warner’s No Pinching. No Problems Seamless Hi-Cut. “Also, undies trimmed with soft, stretchy spandex lace have enough give and hold to keep your panties in place, but are soft enough to keep from leaving harsh indentations in your skin,” explains King. Try: Hanky Panky Signature Lace V-Front Short.
Arthur Kneibler, executive and designer at Coopers, Inc., a Wisconsin hosiery company, gained inspiration from a postcard to create a new, and more comfortable, men’s fashion underwear design. After seeing the man pictured in a leg-bearing bathing suit, Kneibler envisioned a new legless underwear design. Created to be supportive and fitting, like a jockstrap, the undergarment by Coopers was named Jockey shorts and were sold in 1935, by Marshall Field’s, in Chicago.

Unlike the slow-moving boxer shorts, sales for the Jockey shorts took off, and 600 pairs were sold on the first day. Within three months, Coopers had sold 30,000 pairs. After years of success, gaining even more appeal for the modern briefs, in 1971, the company changed its name to Jockey. Men were not only discovering the groove of outer fashion in the 1970s, but also the allure of the fashion-forward undergarment.

Calvin Klein took notice introducing designer underwear that would certainly catch the attention of men’s fashion aficionados. In 1982, the designer took the white brief from behind the clothes to show it as a true men’s fashion statement. The photo of a model wearing the skimpy white underwear on a huge billboard stopped traffic in the center of New York City, in Times Square.

The controversial sexual photo was a hit, making underwear a must-want designer quality men’s fashion that would continue to grow with new designs. Fast forward to the 21st century, and it is fashionable among the younger crowd to showcase designer underwear
waste bands above their pants, with t-shirts tucked in.

Bumps and bulges,If your panty is creating problems (aka bumps and bulges), it’s time to toss ’em in lieu of a smoothing silhouette. Alicia Miller, fit expert at Chantelle, suggests a pair with a control panel at the front for some extra shaping to the lower abdomen. Try: Chantelle Hedona Smoothing Full Brief or Yummie By Heather Thomson Jasmina Shaping Thong. For more smoothing solutions, check out the best shapewear for every type of dress.

Undies falling downLike pretty much anything, if your panties are falling down, it probably means they’re too big—or they’ve stretched due to wear and improper care (more on that later). Try a size down and see if it solves the problem. (Hey, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most overlooked.) Wondering what undie style is going to suit you best? Find out the the best underwear for your butt shape.

Sweating down thereThis isn’t a glamorous topic, but hey it happens—particularly if you work out. If your panties offer no breathability and you feel like you’re sweating in your neither regions, Miller recommends switching to a cotton bottom or one with a cotton gusset and a moisture wicking fabric. Try: Eberjey Pima Goddess Low Rider Bikini. (Here are 13 things your vagina secretly wants you to know.)




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