Negative body image is something we read about regularly; catwalk models being too thin, airbrushed magazine photos presenting an unreal version of reality and the effects on girls and young women. But actually it can create a negative effect for anyone.

I know that it can also be a serious issue for men too – but I want to focus on women for this piece – particularly, mothers and older women because we are also not immune.

In fact, by the time we have become mothers, and got to our forties and beyond, the world at large thinks we should have our shit together, but body images issues can lie latent in our psyche for years, ready to cut us down at any time.

My post pregnancy stretch marks and loose skin are sometimes all I see. It’s not as debilitating as it is for others, but certainly enough to effect my self esteem and dent my self-confidence.

My rational brain knows not pay any notice to external influences, but as I age, I do have moments, days or weeks when my emotional brain takes over. And the knock on effect can last a while.

There’s something about the feel of lovely lingerie that seems to trigger a pathway right into my brain.

Though, of course plastic surgery is matter of choice, I am not a fan. I believe surgery should be reserved for necessary cases only and I know that there is a place for plastic surgery in this way.

And to be honest – I’m scared of having plastic surgery. There is always a risk associated with a general anaesthetic – and my father was hospitalised due to a negligent operation so, a tummy tuck is out of the question for me.

So I need other solutions. A way to create a positive feeling for me without taking drastic action.

Wearing lovely underwear is about making you feel good about yourself. Not hiding away or beating yourself up about what you perceive to be your negatives but accentuating your positives – and we all have positive parts of our bodies.

I love the fact that as we age we do gain confidence in many ways in general, but as I said at the beginning we are not immune to those moments of doubting how we look and that affecting how we feel.

As we know in so many areas of life – mind-set is everything. So if we enjoy the way we look in a lovely set of lingerie and it helps our self-esteem, then it feels like a good thing to take note of.

Whether it’s the softness of lace, the sensuality of silk or even just the floral aroma of the gentle soap flakes I use to wash them, when I pick out the underwear I’m going to wear each morning, I instantly forget my age and remember only that I am a woman.

At this time of year, exquisite lace or delicate embroidery lifts the spirits, when it’s dreary outside and you feel swamped and frumpy beneath your winter clothes.

We all know that wearing the same pair of pants two days in a row is a big no-no however, it seems that there are plenty of other mistakes you can make when it comes to knickers. Experts have revealed the major underwear faux pas that we are all occasionally guilty of committing.

Speaking to Seventeen Octavia Cannon, DO, a board-certified OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynecology), says that there are six major mistakes women make when it comes to their knicker drawer.




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