We’ve done it once or two times, and commandos have avoided the end of the line. Maybe you don’t have clean underwear. That’s the easiest choice.
Whatever the reason, you should always do this, according to a gynecologist.
Donnica Moore, a gynecologist in New Jersey, suggests going to the commando team is a good sexual activity.
“There’s always a lady, part of the lock is bad,” she told the sun.
“They need air, like all the other parts of the body.”
Day and night wear shorts to heat up your sweat and increase your risk of yeast or other serious infections, she explains.
And materials, your suit underwear  can also increase the risk of infection.
Lycra lace or other airtight material is the most serious culprit that can irritate delicate skin in your vagina.
Cotton is your best choice if you can’t definitely face the Raiders at any time.
Dr. Vanessa Mackay, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and obstetricians, agrees.
She said: “put on your underwear, and if nothing else, it can cause inflammation and inflammation of the skin.”.
Menopausal women, in particular, are more susceptible to irritation and friction because their skin is thinner.
Sleep without panties is good for vaginitis women, this is vaginitis, and those who suffer from thrush are common yeast infections.
Thrush is prevalent in warm, moist places, so avoiding tight fitting suit underwear  or tights helps prevent infection.
For women with vaginitis, wearing loose cotton underwear or sleeping without underwear may improve the condition.

suit underwear
Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects most women at some point in their lives.
In most cases, yeast infections are easy to treat, with the help of pharmacists and over-the-counter drugs.
You may have thrush, which includes itching and pain, pain during intercourse and tingling during urination.
Pregnant women who suffer the first time and those who have suffered two blows in six months should talk to their doctor.
Vaginitis is the vaginal inflammation, can cause itching, discomfort and excretion.
Female vaginitis can be painful when making love or urination.
The doctor advised Mackay wear cotton underwear in the daytime, in order to reduce the risk of infection, when you finish work, put on your underwear, and make sure you wear clean pants every day.
She said: “try to make sure the crotch is made of cotton, synthetic suit underwear  will increase the moisture in this area, because it is airtight.”.
If there is more moisture, the risk of bacterial infections and yeast infections is greater because they thrive in this environment.
“You might also want to consider using a non perfume or hypoallergenic detergent.
“G strings may increase your risk of irritation, and in theory your back may have bacteria entering the vagina.”
But there’s another downside to the commandos – in addition to the unexpected danger of someone.
If your tight clothing rubs against your vagina, you will also have the risk of irritation.
Think of the seams between the skinny jeans and the yoga pants.
According to Dr. Moore, this may cause very small clefts in the skin as a portal bacterium”.
“If you wear jeans and a pair of cotton underwear to prevent seams, but breathe and sweat,” she says.




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