Should you wear underwear when trying on swimsuits? Even though it might seem counterintuitive, the answer is a hands-down, resounding yes. Please. Do not drop your panties.

The purpose of trying on clothing in the first place is to make sure the size is right before you buy it, and that means you want to try it on with the most accurate fit possible, so you might be inclined to take off your undies because it’s not like you’re going to wear the suit with anything under it — but don’t. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Leave your underwear on. They might feel a little bunched, but your underwear isn’t going to alter the fit that much, and it’s far more sanitary to leave them on. Being hygienic is worth having to endure the diaper feeling during your try-on sesh. Trust.

Just to reinforce the point, here are a few reasons you absolutely need to wear underwear when trying on swimwear. The person trying it on after will totally thank you for it.You may have been sporting the same worn-out boxers for the last couple of years but it’ s time for an underwear refresh.

Considering the amount of thought a lot of us men put into our clothes, little is spent on whats underneath. While a great outfit is a plus, no-one wants to strip a gent off to see grotty old boxers, so we’ve edited it down to the best styles to suit every body type. So whether you’re carrying some extra weight or ripped like a god, you can choose a style that will suit you the best.

While a lot of guys these days steer away from briefs to avoid feeling like they’re back in primary school, the new styles are modern and surprisingly flattering on the body. Briefs work well for a number of reasons if you’re shorter, the lack of coverage exposes more leg making you appear taller (and who doesn’t love a few extra inches). They’re also extremely supportive, so for you guys that live in the gym or are slightly more well endowed *insert aubergine emoji* they’re a great choice to keep everything in place.

Great for the athlete among you, jockstraps are originally intended to allow better support in the front and maximum movement in the back (hence the lack of fabric). However they’re also great for a bit of lift in the back, for those days when leg day is just not a thing.

The hybrid between boxers and briefs, boxer-briefs are tighter and hit the mid thigh – unlike their looser counterparts the boxer (which are neither flattering nor comfortable) they’re great for guys with a little more junk in the trunk or for you taller men out there as they provide a bit more coverage.

If briefs aren’t you thing but skinny jeans are then say hello to your new best friend. Slightly shorter than boxer-briefs, but with the same support as briefs, they’re especially kind to a good set of legs (thick thighs may see the fabric ride up as you walk) so slimmer legs are the best with this option.

Forget other people trying it on before you — you don’t know where else that swimsuit has been. It could have fallen on the floor or been bought, worn, and returned. There’s plenty of opportunity for grossness to end up on it that you haven’t even considered, so just wear underwear.




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