Underwear is an integral part of the fashion life, for everyone today is the depth of excavation, sorting out some expression of underwear, and specially introduces the part’s suit underwear  in English detailed, and coupled with the Victoria Secret Angel, buddy goddess of beauty appreciation at the same time, don’t forget to learn about the beauty of translation Chinese.
1. Briefs pants
Product Description: the original meaning of brief is “short statement”. Plural form briefs refers to short underpants. In fact, this translation is a little pit, all underwear are not personal?. This underwear, comfort will be higher.
Crowd: a slightly conservative sister, or a sister who pursues comfort.
2. Hiphuggers pants
Product introduction: hip is the “hip” means in English, hug is “embrace”, the whole hip were clinging to the underwear, is tight pants. As far as the picture is concerned, it’s about the same as the one above.
The crowd: do you want your hip by hug live (* o *)!!!

suit underwear
3. Bikini bikini
Product introduction: why is “three point” called “bikini”? Its origins are related to a small island called bikini. More than 40 years ago, the United States began testing atomic bombs on the island, which quickly became the focus of the world. Soon, in Paris, France, a daring swimsuit designer introduced a new type of swimsuit. The swimsuit is extremely rare and is said to fold into a matchbox. So use this island to name such an impressive swimsuit.
The Chinese people generally think that if they wear less, they will feel that American girl is wearing a suit underwear . However, in fact, in the minds of people in Europe and America, the weight of wood is hot, spicy Mody high?. It’s just a kind of sexy. And, after looking at the pictures above, I don’t think the bikini is God
Crowd: there is nothing wrong, after the heart of that pass, how to wear it all ~ not, a, problem ~!
4. Legging Leggings
Product introduction: Magical existence, American girl is to wear this outside to have wood to have ah…… Does one kind of black silk stockings match the athletic shoes feeling to have?! Winter and summer have to wear thick, is slightly different. Most Americans still integrate fitness into their lives, so many Americans either go on the road to fitness or are exercising. And when it comes to exercise, it’s the black leggings.
People feel: black leggings and sneakers together does not violate the woman love love love love sports fitness healthy body girl.




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