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UNDIE-LIEVABLEBizarre one-piece underwear suit for MEN is such a hit the firm is now working on a swimwear version

The male version of the female “one piece” has proven so popular for US brand Rufskin that they are now working on creating a swimwear version.

The form-fitted, body-hugging undergarment, known as the “Finwick”, has been described as a “multifunctional, masculine body suit” which “follows the shape of the male body ”.

Rufskin, the San Diego-based brand behind the pure white design, say the underwear “can be used as an undergarment as well as a top with the advantage of staying in place under one’s pants or shorts”.

Apparently, it’s also “ideal for support during any work out or just looking sharp at any time”.

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The material, a nylon microfibre, is said to come with a “superior stretch” and “ultra-soft hand”.

Douglas Coats, President of Rufskin, told news.com.au the brand has “done well with one-piece underwear styles now for quite some time”.

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And if that got you thinking about how comfy a pair would be, why not check out the brave couples who tried on each other’s UNDERWEAR for the first time – with hilarious results.




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