While we don’t often deal in absolutes, there are some things we are 100% certain about. The cover of a 1920s trade catalog with the title “This is Underwear Time” — complete with the illustration of a a man getting dressed while his dog looks on — is one of those times where we can unequivocally proclaim to have found a truly (possibly unintentionally) brilliant piece of marketing.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know, nothing says I love you quite like a bouquet of … meat. C’mon, it’s perfect for your meat-heart. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Here are this year’s top 10 off-the-wall wonders filled with inside jokes and just enough innuendo to make this Valentine’s totally unforgettable.

The further into my 20s I get, the less I care whether I’m perfectly waxed and lingerie-d down there, and the more I just really want to avoid discomforts like yeast infections—which may get more frequent with time—pain during sex, and ingrown hairs. From what I’ve heard from my close friends during happy hour, this is a common sentiment, as is the general decision to prioritize health over certain aesthetic efforts. (Some days, I’d rather make my workout a little longer at the expense of a perfect blow-out in the morning—y’know?)I’m not saying I’m against grooming or cute underwear, just that I’d rather make choices that also keep my body healthy, when possible. Luckily, there are plenty of easy, painless things you can do to keep things comfortable down there. Below, find seven tips from experts that will keep your lady parts—and you—healthy and happy.

I love flowers just as much as the next girl, but good luck handing a dozen roses to the man in your life and getting anything but a blank stare in return. Want to give him a bouquet he’ll really remember? Mancrate’s Salami Bouquet is packed with five 8-ounce links of tasty meat in a variety of flavors. It’ll win you way more points with your man than anything at the flower shop, and he’ll be too busy chowing down to realize he just got a bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

I’ll admit I’m prone to yeast infections (they’re the actual worst) and that sleeping commando, on the recommendation of my gynecologist aunt, has kind of changed my life. “ Wearing no underwear at night and cotton loose ones during the day can prevent yeast from growing,” says Talebian. “Also, be sure to quickly change after exercise and swimming, so you’re not lingering in those damp underwear or bathing suit, allowing fungus or bad bacteria to multiply.”

He spams you with goofy emoji texts all day long, so hit him back with some smileys of your own. These hilarious cufflinks scream “Millennial,” but they’re perfect for any guy who knows how to work a smartphone. I’m partial to the smiling ‘poo’ emoji from
Cufflinks.com, but the ‘OK’ hand gesture is great too, or you can go with the classic ‘tears of joy’ smiley if he’s a wannabe comedian — aren’t all guys?

If your favorite fella or lovely lady just can’t get enough spooning, even when you’re not around, give them a gift that keeps on snuggling. The Spoonfool pillow is literally a giant, fluffy spoon, and it’s the perfect couch companion or bedroom buddy on thosenights when you just can’t be there to snuggle your significant other in person. The best part? It doesn’t snore or jostle you awake after you’ve drifted off into dreamland!

It’s expensive, and no, it’s not fun, but waxing is a lot better for the skin around your vagina than shaving. “Even though shaving can be seen as the fastest and most convenient method of hair removal, it only removes hair at surface level, meaning the hair will reappear in one to four days,” says waxing expert Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers in New York City. “By continually cutting the hair, you stimulate its growth, which may also lead to irritation for those with sensitive skin. By waxing, you’ll immediately begin to weaken the hair follicle, resulting in slower, lighter, thinner and sparser regrowth. Waxing is also safer because it will help you avoid daily risks of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and the burn associated with using a razor.” Kinda worth it at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up date night, this Love is Art Intimate Painting Kit from the Grommet puts a sexy spin on couples’ art. The way it works is, you basically slather each other in paint and do your thing. The result? Well, let’s just say a whole lotta people call it art.




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