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As a female, most of us have accepted the wedge shape of our underwear better than the scary VPL (visible panties series). From the first time I wore spandex pants, my mother passed on this underwear agreement, and since then I have never looked back.

My first thong from Victoria’s Secret was ingrained in my memory because I was sure it was on my skin. It has a gray elastic band with minimal stretch fineness – but the worst part is the actual thong section. A small cotton triangle results in a rope made of exactly the same rigid elastic material. Regardless of my discomfort, I learned to endure it with a smile – it’s better than a grin in the school corridor to reveal the underwear line!

With age (and innovation in the women’s underwear industry), I have been able to find more comfortable underwear materials and styles. I even found a completely smooth seamless underwear under the clothes. But no matter what underwear I wear, I still feel that my underwear is there. It doesn’t always feel uncomfortable, but sometimes it gets a little more under my clothes than I want, or the thick bud ribbon becomes distorted and bulky, or my thong is a little over wedge.

Things changed when I read a very comfortable Negative Underwear bra, which was sold out 10 times. Solid black and peach colors are slightly lower than the pattern option by $28.

The bra is undoubtedly comfortable, yes, but it didn’t surprise me. I am just a B cup, so I am not used to supporting the wireless tube top style. On the other hand, this thong shocked me. For one of them, the band immediately gave me the flashback of the first thong, and if I accidentally put them on, I would touch my skin.

The first time I stepped on a negative underwear thong belt, it was actually shaking (though weak), but the material was very soft and flexible, and nothing really happened. There is no dramatic tapping on my skin, or I need to pull so much to wear underwear. The band is completely flat on my waist, keeping it smooth and invisible all day in my jeans or other clothes.

Second, can’t you feel thong in your ass? The natural state of your butt is not a piece of fabric between the cheeks, so even if you think your underwear is on the comfortable side, you can still feel it at least. Not this, my friends.

One of the brand’s slogans is precisely “the underwear you want to live in”, and part of the company’s success can be attributed to the “return to the basics” mentality that prevails in their designs. Bras and undergarments are made for women and women, and give up the laces and whistles commonly used in women’s underwear for thorough research on materials and deliberate functional style choices.




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