Whether you’re someone who hates underwear or you just really hate doing laundry, you might find yourself going commando pretty frequently. While there are definitely some benefits to going underwear-less, there are times where you shouldn’t go commando, as it could end up negatively affecting your vaginal health. As annoying as putting on underwear can be, there’s a reason it exists, which means sometimes it’s necessary.

“There are actually several benefits to ‘going commando,'” says Molly Shields, M.D., an OB/GYN with the Institute for Women’s Health over email. “Not wearing underwear allows the vagina to breathe, which can be beneficial when a woman has a condition such as a yeast infection. The underwear puts an additional layer directly against your vagina, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria, depending on the underwear’s fabric and style. That said, there are a few times when wearing underwear may be a better option than not.”

If you’re someone who likes your lady parts to breathe, by all means, skip those undies. However, if you also want to make sure your nether regions stay nice and healthy, you’ll want to know exactly when it’s time to put them on. Here are seven times you should never go commando.
If you’ve ever had a period accident while trying to enjoy a refreshing swim, then these leak proof bathing suits for periods are for you. Not everyone is a tampon kind of person. Personally, I hate tampons, but I wear them while swimming or working out because unlike
pads, they’re discreet and unlikely to fall out, move around into uncomfortable positions, or be a general nuisance to my nether regions while I’m trying to be active. Generally speaking, pads are no friend to ladies who are moving or trying to get wet (not in the dirty way, but in the sense that they are going in the pool or the ocean), but Panty Prop bathing suits and underwear want to change that. The answer, it seems, is not in the pad itself, but the underwear that holds them in place.

Panty Prop is an innovative underwear product that’s designed for people who wear sanitary pads and “have been failed numerous times by the shifting, chafing, discomfort, and embarrassment.” The company considers all leaks, whether from mensuration or urination,
something the Panty Prop will cover, providing relief to those who either don’t like wearing tampons or can’t because of “fibroids, cyst, or other medical issues”.

At the end of the day, if going commando makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it! “Remember, it’s your body,” says Jones. “You call the shots. If it doesn’t quite feel right, go with a nice pair of panties with a cotton crotch. Cotton for absorbency. ”





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