Adolf Hitler’s Linen shorts are sold for $5500 in Chesapeake City, Alexander, historic auction in Maryland, as their summer military goods auction, 14.

The project is a pair of striped white linen shorts, described as “amazing big”, according to product descriptions on their web site. It is 19 inches in length and about 39 inches across the waist.
Both sides of the waist belt are sewn with two pairs of rings. The purpose must be to support the drawer in some way. It may be tied to the trousers. “It’s not a secret, of course, Hitler, in general, a brutal suit underwear   and like loose clothing, according to his servant, Karl Wilhelm Krause,” added the website.

suit underwear
As further proof of the authenticity of the shorts, the initials “A. H.” are the flies that are sewn to the right. According to New Zealand reports, shorts, specifically for a suite in Austria’s luxury Park, Graz, stayed, and Hitler stayed there after April 1938. The boxers were believed to be sent to the cleaners for cleaning, and the dictator’s entourage never cleaned them before they left the hotel. Later, the innkeeper’s grandson sold them to Alexander Historical Auctions.
Auctioneer Bill Panagopulos, who owns Alexander Historical Auctions, said there are two people to buy souvenirs of Hitler: “people left are often terrible Hitler buy souvenirs, or make him look like a clown, like this. Cut down a monster and you make people laugh at him. We sold Eva Braun’s underwear, formerly Hitler’s wife, but never belonged to Hitler himself. I think this is the first pair to enter the market.”
“They were kept in the family owned hotel, and it was very famous for nearly 80 years when we wrapped them in a tissue box,” Panagopulos said.” They were clean as if they had just returned from the laundry. It’s a fascinating thing. It’s close, you can get Adolf Hitler.”
Details of the buyers were not disclosed, but they came from the United states. At the same time, according to the metro, Panagopulos has been to the person concerned, he has not sold the project to a neo nazi. The auctioneer also thought that the person who bought the item might frame the shorts. “It’s going to be the most popular cultural relic in the house,” he said.
This is not the world’s second biggest souvenir. It was related to Hitler and was auctioned off at auction. Several other successful sale at auction, including Hitler Cocktail Cup ($950), his beautiful socks ($750), his handkerchief ($1400), a sign of “Mein Kamph” ($13000) and the sign suit underwear   Yinlong shrimp ($1200).




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