“The sparkling drunken bird” is a comedian, Lesley, Joseph, 71, Ross noble PIC sexy suit underwear after 41, three champagne
“Birds of a feather” drunk when very cheeky Lesley Joseph star struck a champagne, she told Ross noble sexy comedian A card here in her underwear.
“71 women of the curly hair, she stood here in the a preview in the digital image saucy sensational, this is where the Broadcasting British Corporation program strictly come dancing.
Conjugated pair of delivery dates at A stars adapted to each other today, young Frankenstein, Ross, 41, let slip’s good morning secrets in the uk.
Hey, hey, what operation to meet knowledge director Lesley and reveal the night after Brooks dressed in shabby clothes, what he is, and their appointment in the fashionable London Savoy restaurant.
This means that he has stopped by a tailors and needs “smart clothes”, a huge new jacket, shirts ,pants and suit underwear.

However, delaying the prospect of the left Lesley scared – necking at the meeting’s first idol, Mel, back to champagne.
Ross said: “the British ITV program is the best breakfast time, I, met.”
“She gave me pictures of pants here.”
The host Garraway what Kate – was stunned by the left visibly as she came here to cover the hand with an impact.
Trying to clarify the situation, Leslie said, “71, this is a day before the camera, and she has taken some suit underwear with tights.”
Say, “this is my child.”
“I have three champagne,” she said.
“I’ve been less afraid in my life.”
Leslie stars as a housekeeper, F Lai Bbu Lui Miehel on the west side of a show, while Ross Frankenstein’s servant role, hunchbacked Igor.
It will run at the Garrick theatre in London from September 28th.




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