Don’t be scared, but you know all about your suit underwear  self timer iPhone. Last Monday, a virus tweet led users to discover photos on apps, in Apple’s iOS and MacOS operating systems, and know that bras look like – let you look for it.

Apple is apple, and of course, it’s vaguely elegant: apps only respond to suit underwear “. But, in the search bar, in all their glory, it might be a fair number of photos of people – maybe you – in a variety of undress states.

suit underwear

The user was uncomfortable with the discovery. “Why do Apple keep these folders??!!!!!”” The original treble asks, but it’s actually a function that has been hovering around iPhone for a year. And, no, it doesn’t involve Apple looking for lewd people by scanning all your pictures.
Since the launch of iOS 10, iPhone has been able to classify more than 4000 objects and scenes only based on images. From abacus to zucchini, you can search even if you never have a single picture.

Artificial intelligence identifies objects trained on hundreds of labeled image libraries, almost surprisingly accurate (not only distinguishable from a cat, but a dog can tell a sausage from Ke Jiquan). But the actual identification of the complete iPhone itself has a unique set of AI running on each device version, this means your bra pictures remain completely private and Celie’s Secret – you.
This is different from some of Apple’s competitors. For example, Google uploads all the images stored on Google’s photos onto their own cloud, where they do most of the object recognition. It can also identify a suit underwear  from a restaurant, usually in the same task – but weigh apples: images (anonymous, nobody’s involvement) to further cultivate their own AI.
This may be Apple’s privacy centralized method, in fact, is the reason for anger. Unlike Google, it spared no effort to explain what it was doing, and asked to upload pictures, and apple took its trademark trick, diluted technology, and helped to promote the fact that it was just work. Sometimes, this creates a magical moment; here, the result seems like an awkward surprise.




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